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The Chalice of Life

The Chalice of Life

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This ring is a gold-filled antique.  The design of this ring is very intricate and the power that it wields is literally out of this realm.  Read on to find out all the juicy details.

This piece has been fortified with the powers of something called the Chalice of Life.  The Chalice of Life is not something in a video game, despite what it might sound like.  I'm sure you will find generic references to it on the internet, but I assure you the Chalice of Life is more than that.  It is a chalice that is drunk from in Alfheim.  It allows elves who are coming of age to go on a spiritual journey to determine their true calling in life.  Similarly, when you have this piece you will wear it. Your destiny will be laid out in front of you.  You will see your life and your life path as if it were a picture painted on a canvas.  It will show you detail by detail what you are to expect and how you are to expect it.  

At this point, the elves know what their destiny is they are given a subset of potent magic that they carry with them.  You will also be given magic when using this piece.  However, it works a bit differently.  Instead of the magic, the elves get you will get the magic to change your destiny.  You will be able to use the magic in this piece to allow your destiny to curtail whatever it is you want it to curtail.  This is 100% white light, so there are no tricks, twists, or turns.  This is simply age-old Elven magic that you will get to use for your mortal life.  

We've actually had this piece for a little while now.  The first tester that we had for this piece has gone on to become a successful recording artist.  Well, I wouldn't say they are wildly famous yet, but they have gotten their feet wet.  They have signed a recording deal with a major label and you will probably be hearing more of their music this upcoming summer.  Friends of mind actually just went to see him open a concert in Philly not too long ago.  Of course, I couldn't tell them what had happened, because o the NDA we had to sign.  But, it won't be long for him now.

Another one of our testers used this piece to gain massive wealth and now owns a chain of restaurants that grosses millions of dollars a year, after spending half his life dreaming about being a chef.  Another tester for this piece started up a cosmetics business that has since gone on to be publicly traded.  First, she went part-time but has since been able to retire at a very early age with the amount of money her makeup has allowed her to make.  

Another example of how this piece was used was to grant an arsenal of Vedic magic.  We had one tester from the East use this piece to bring to life all of the magic he had learned about as a boy.  He didn't ever actually learn the magic, but he was taught the magic.  He used this piece to bring that magic to life and changed his destiny into becoming a Master of the Veda who is now able to summon any type of magic you ask for on an instant's notice.

I'll give you one more and then I'm listing it.  One of the testers that we gave this piece to hated Earth so bad that he wanted to ascend to Heaven.  He knew that killing himself would put him at odds with God, so he used this piece to write ascension into his destiny.  He was a very lonely soul, but very devout to God didn't have many friends because his beliefs didn't align with theirs.  He just wanted to be gone.  In fact, he was the last person to have tested this piece.  We showed up at his house one day just to check on him and his progress and we found a note on his bed (he rented just a room) that read, "Success" with this piece next to it.  We have not seen him since.
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