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The Crimson Dahlia

The Crimson Dahlia

SKU: 5262115


You've heard of the black dahlia, now get ready for the crimson dahlia.  That's who you will become when you wear this piece.  The magic in this piece is an old recipe that comes from the gypsies.  When you wear these red dahlia earrings the energies inside of them will course through your body and you will become awakened.  This magic will bring you fame and fortune.  It will bring you riches.  People will love you.  It will boost your talent and allow you to become good at whatever-- acting, singing, painting writing, etc.  Whatever the case may be, this magic will bring you all the fame that the Black Dahlia wanted and could never have.  

This piece also brings seduction and gives you the ability to win over the rich men that rule Hollywood.  
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