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The Dance of the Witches

The Dance of the Witches

SKU: 11272103

This piece is all glass and has been created by a coven of witches called the Sisters of the Blood Moon.  They are an ancient coven of Bacchanalian witches.  They didn't cohabitate, but when the time was right they would convene in a central location and perform a ritual called the Bacchanalian.  

During the Bacchanalian, the witches become naked in the light of the moon.  They would become drunk with its power and they'd dance through the woods.  These sacred dances allowed them to manifest the powers of both Bacchus and the universe.  Prior to the ritual, they would state what they hoped to acquire during the ritual.  Then during the ritual, their bodies would be possessed by magic.  They would be made to dance in a way that would grant them what they had asked for.

The Sisters of the Blood Moon are all ancient.  I guess you could call them crones if you wanted to, but they all appear as young, beautiful women.  Sometimes they play instruments during their rituals, as this is especially pleasing to Bacchus and the other divine spirits.  

This piece embodies the presence of their sacred Bacchanalian dance.  When you ow this piece you will receive the power and presence o the Bacchanalian.  There is a bubble on this piece.  You will place your finer on it and state what your intentions are in using this piece.  They the spirits of the witches who have been summoned into this piece will perform wild, ritual dances on your behalf.  

These rituals will garner the powers that you have asked for.  The process takes about three days for them to dance and then longer for the magic to manifest into your life, once the energies of the magic you're requested have entered the piece.

This piece is a necklace buy just the pendant part is shown. 
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