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The Four Walking Immortals

The Four Walking Immortals

SKU: 672115


We call this piece the Elders of Celts, becuase that's exactly what the spirits that inhabit the ring are.  This piece was originally given to us by a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids.  we never really took that order seriously before now, but after this piece, we have kind of changed our minds.  I mean, there's always the possibility that this is a one-off piece.  We don't think so, but either way, it isn't important.  The important part is that we got this piece and that is the important part.  

This piece summons forth a group called the Traveling Druids because that's what they do.  in ancient times they used their magic to acquire immortality and have chosen to stay together with a pack of four ancient traveling magical hosts.  You will notice that on this ring there are four Celtic knots.  Each of the knots represents the presence of one of the druids.  There are four knots, so you will be getting the presence of all four of the druids.  

I'm not going to fill the rest of this with a whole lot of fluff, so I'm just going to get down to the point and what each of the druids will offer you.  

The First Druid, the Druid of Ancient Ways offers you the knowledge and the presence of all ancient magic.  It doesn't matter what kind of ancient magic you are looking for, the Druid is a beacon of magical energies and he regulates their flow.  He will grant you the magic you are looking for.  

The Second Druid is the Druid of Life.  He has the ability to control individual destiny.  In other words, he has the ability to control your destiny.  YOu are able to use this Druid's magic to craft and shape your destiny, allowing you to include the things you want in life and to exclude the things you don't ant  

NO group o Druids would be complete without a Druid for Extreme Wealth.  This druid carries a type of wealth calle axis wealth, which will all wealth energies to orbit you like Earth orbits the sun.  You can use these energies to create your own wealth.  Literally, you will be able to speak your own wealth into existence.  
The Final druid you will receive is one for Corporeal Immortality.  This is simply way of saying that this piece will give you immortality, as in it will allow you to live as long as you want.  However, you will not become indestructible.  Your life will become prolonged for as long as you'd like.  
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