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The Full 72 Degrees of Masonic Enlightenment

The Full 72 Degrees of Masonic Enlightenment

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It was the perfect opportunity for us to seize the source of all his magic. He had hoarded the magic his entire existence, which is the only reason he was able to attain immortality in the first place. We aren't sure why he chose to die. Perhaps he figured out a way to transcend after using all that magic over the past couple of hundred years. Honestly, we don't know. What we know is that he was there lying in-state. That's what it looked like, anyhow. Of course, there was the obvious difference in the fact that this body was not lying in a US State Building. He was lying inside of a Masonic Ossuary. We are not quite sure where the ossuary was located. We could hear the people that were there speaking French, but we know it wasn't the underground catacombs because we've been there before. They can indeed change appearance at will, but the energy wasn't the same. Not only that, there were people in attendance of this man that they called the "Great Teacher." They called him not by a first name or last name. The only name that they called him by was Archibald. What we know about Archibald just from using his imprint energies that we found in this piece is that he is one of the found fathers of that Freemason movement We do not mean the freemasons that banded together as workers. We mean specifically the magical side of things. He is the one that really brought a lot of the hidden knowledge to the forefront of society. This knowledge was given to him when he had an encounter with an angel, similar to Saul on the road to Damascus. Archibald's soul was touched and from that day forward he had inexplainable memories, knowledge, wisdom, etc. Since he was touched by the divine, he was also given immortality, which this piece does not give to everyone that uses it. In fact, we didn't have anybody who tested this piece that was able to use it for immortality. However, when it comes to the other stuff that this piece will do for you, this piece is top of the line! So, as we got our bearings straight, We realized that the energy that this man-- Archibald-- had was all held in one piece. It was just inside his breast pocket on a short chain-- to be used as a pendant or a watch fob. The piece is decorated with Masonic symbolism because that is the magic that this piece is going to give you. It is the magic upon which the Freemasons was built on. Keep reading to find out more! You see, the Freemason levels of initiation and enlightenment don't stop at 32, like most suggest. There are 40 more stages of enlightenment. 40 and 32 are 72 and those are three of the most powerful numbers you will find in symbolism and also sacred numerology. The Freemasons are all about attempting to unlock the secrets of the universe and discover the hidden identity of God. That's precisely what this piece will do for you. So, as I was saying before, nobody could see us, so we took the cufflinks. I don't know if people really realized the magic that was inside of them. However, we did. We recognized it immediately. We also found out later that the place where we found them was called the Den of the Fallen and the bones that surrounded us in the ossuary were the bones of other leaders of the Masonic movement who also have either died or transcended into other forms. As for the magic in this piece? Well here's what it will do for you. The watch fob/pendant is antique and displays templar/masonic imagery. It is a really cool-looking piece, but it is more powerful than it is cool. The piece is sterling silver and gold-filled. It allows you to ascend a metaphysical and esoteric ladder through 72 levels of divine enlightenment to become like God. You will not become God, but you will become like Him in that his knowledge will become your own. His magic will become your own. His reasoning and his essence will become your own. You will know what you want about the universe, as you will know where to find the answers to your questions. This piece is incredibly powerful and allows you to attain what we are calling the Full 72 Degrees of Divine Masonic Enlightenment.

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