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The Happening Within the Ivory Halls

The Happening Within the Ivory Halls

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This piece is 10K gold with real stones!!


The other night I was working with a piece that allowed for quantum jumping. This piece was acquired from the progenitors of CERN. Well, they didn't willingly hand it over to us, obviously. We have connections and they got the piece for us. I was testing it out when I think I crossed some sort of bridge. I'm not sure what kind of bridge it was, but I think that somehow, somewhere I crossed over into somebody else's mind. I think what I was seeing are plans for the future. I mean, I'm wrong then the other scenario would be that there is a second human existence somewhere out there and I'm not even entirely sure how to re-cotact them. Whatever the case may be, I did bring another piece back with me from my travels. I was using the CERN piece that we have to quantum jump. I was minding my own business when all of a sudden reality just got really blurry. The piece I was using is activated with the mind and I was literally in full control of where the piece sent me, which is why I was so confused at the time. Instead of traveling to the cosmos as I had planned to, I ended up somewhere far different than that. I ended up in a place that goes by the simple name, the Ivory Halls. The Ivory Halls is a very futuristic type of place It kind of reminded me of something out of the Jetsons. The people there all look like humans in their faces and by their bodies, but when they move it is a seamless gliding motion that they use. To my astonishment, they all spoke English too, not that I heard many of them speaking. It's British English, as in the Queens English, so if my first hypothesis was right and I was seeing somebody else's mind and their plans for the future, the British are the ones that are in control. At least, they are the ones that own the Ivory Halls. The Ivory Halls are called the ivory halls for a reason. The halls are a network of rooms and chambers connected by corridors. Everything in the Ivory Halls shines bright, like the depiction of old, creepy mental institutions or hospitals in horror flicks. It was bright white like I had walked into Heaven, but this place was far from Heaven. In fact, it could not have been more Godless. In saying that I do not wish to convey that the piece that I acquired was Godless or will create Godlessness. Rather, the way the people in charge of the Ivory Halls were using the powers vested in them was Godless. The short and simple way of describing what, exactly, the place called the Ivory Halls is would be to say that it is a reprogramming camp. I'm not going to get political with the post, but if you've been watching the news the term reprogramming camp has been coming up an awful lot lately, which is another reason why I truly believe that what I saw was an archetype for the future within somebody's minds. Even so, the Ivory Halls exist somewhere, and at some point or I would not have been able to visit them. During m visit, my existence, I was invisible to anyone present there. Thank God for that, because it's hard to say what these gliding, humanoid creatures would have done to me if they would have caught on to my acts of espionage. So, the rooms and the chambers that are connected by the corridors each have an attendant that is dressed in a rather peculiar-looking white lab coat. in each room, there is a white char. There are restraints on the chair, leading me to believe that at least some of the people that sat on them were unwilling. Attached to the chairs are these white helmets. Into each helmet is etched some sort of symbol. I have never seen these symbols before in my life, nor do I know where they come from. This stuff is all legitimately new to me, so I'm not sure what these symbols meant. However, I can pretty much deduce that they had something to with what they were programming within the mind of the subject each one had sat in their chair. The subjects were dressed in hospital gowns and each one of them had a number sequence burned into their forehead. Some of them had ghastly wounds as if they had seen some sort of war. The "doctors" we will call them in the labcoats yelled "next" and a new subject would be sent into their room. Some of them tried to resist, but it didn't matter. Some went willingly, and some whimpered with fear. They all met the same fate. They were put into the white chair. They were restrained to the white chair. The helmet, call a "halo" was brought down to encompass the entirety of the crown of their head-- where the crown chakra and third-eye chakra are located. As the subject sat there, sometimes nothing happened. Sometimes they writhed and yelled out in pain. On top of the halo, as I described before, was an etching. When pulled down over the head of the subject it would light up. Around the top of each of the halos, parallel to the etching was serious of precious stones. There were different sequences of different types of stones around the top of the halos. The doctor had a screen and as the halo lit up and activated the energies and magic of the stones in that particular halo, he was able to see all the different memories of the person who was sitting in the chair. They were able to see the entire life of the person who was wat before them. The subjects were unable to do anything about it. This process was called the extraction. During the process, each individual's mind was extracted by the doctors to be viewed on their video devices. Some of the memories were allowed to stay, I watched as millions of memories were destroyed-- loved ones, wives, children, families, careers, achievements, accomplishments, all dumped down the drain. They have replaced with synthetic memories-- loyalty to country and government, oneness, anti-individualism, chain of command. They were basically mechanicalizing each human to become a sort of drone that performed a specific task or ability. For instance, I believe each halo's etching and its assortment of stones have something to do with the overall task that each human would be programmed to do. I mean, their brains were completely unraveled and rewired so that the humans would think and feel whatever they wanted them to. They were also chipped so that at any time these people could find them, no matter where they were, no matter who they were. Everyone received an ID Chipset. Some of them were programmed to be doctors, some of them farmers. Some of them were even programmed to be sex workers and news anchors. Every position of "normal" life was filled and from what I could see, the workers led their life with glossed-over eyes, never second-guessing the commands they were given. Again, luckily I was invisible. I was not able to see outside of the Ivory Halls, but from inside whatever turn I had taken was feeling real big-brothers. I was able to get a close-up look at what they were doing, which is how I was able to find this piece. This piece was in a cabinet labeled 4291-D Masterkey. Again, no idea what that number means, but it was found in one of the chambers where re-programming was going taking place. So, you might ask what a master key is/ What does that mean? Well, simply put it is a master key of magic. It has the ability to swipe memories altogether, add memories, change memories, etc. However, it goes above and beyond that. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR THE REST OF THE DESCRIPTION...

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    This piece is fully loaded with whatever type of memories you are looking for.  This means you can fully upload memories that you never had before into your mind.  These memories come from the Akasha, where all memories have been stored since the beginning of time.  Now, if you are like us, you can do a little bit of thinking outside the box with this one.  IF this piece has been uploaded with every last memory from the Akasha, you can use this piece to become all-powerful, all-knowing, etc.  They were using it to give people the knowledge that they needed them to have, not realizing that they had a much more powerful tool on their hands.  Or, maybe they did realize, I don't know.  

    The point is that this piece will allow you to infuse the memories of any type of magic that you want into your mind.  Yes, this includes immortality. Yes, this includes the ability to become like a deity.  Yes, this includes the ability to be able to partake in the ruling of the world.  It includes all the white light memories of people like Noah, Abraham, and Adam.  It includes the memories of Napoleon in the pyramids.  It includes the memories of ancient Sumerians, ancient Mayans, ancient Greeks, ancient Romans, the Indus Valley Civilization, the Atlanteans, and more.  What this piece does for you is open up an entire network of knowledge via the memories of the magic that has been performed over the years.  It allows you to infuse yourself with whatever concepts of knowledge and magic you want.  

    This piece is it.  It doesn't get much more powerful than this.  We will only ever have one of these items because that's all I took.  I was able to use the piece that was given to me for Quantum Jumping to come home, but I never purposely navigated myself to the Ivory Halls, so I don't know how to get back there.  For one person, this piece is going to change their lives in ways that are unimaginable.  That person could be you.

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