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The Human Mind Capstone

The Human Mind Capstone

SKU: 9122106


This is a very beautiful sterling silver ring with blue topaz and enamel painted animal print on it.

Here's another story of deception and doubling back. It's outrageous to think that a place as prestigious as the Louvre could make such a big mistake. Supposedly, that's what happened when in 1896 they bought an artifact that has come to be known as the Tiara of Saitaferne.

This artifact was originally thought to be an original that belonged to a Scythian king. After acquiring the artifact for what would be equivalent to over $1M in today's United States money, the Louvre then walked it back. They admitted to making a mistake after a French artist came out of the woodwork and was like, "Wait for a second, I'm a goldsmith and I made that two years ago."

Yeah... nope, not buying it. I mean, don't these kinds of places have professionals that thoroughly examine things before they frivolously spend a million bucks on something that was made two years prior? I'm sure they do and you don't have to take my word for it. We have an item that holds the powers of the Tiara that was supposedly a fake.

The Tiara holds ancient magic that is quite impressive. I hate to make this conclusion, but the Tiara is sort of like the Sorting Cap from Harry Potter. I say this because it has its lifeforce. I know it's gold, but there is a life inside of it in the same way that the pyramids are living and breathing.

You can think of this cap as being your very own capstone, similar to the way that there are capstones atop the pyramids of Giza. I guess the next question would be where did all the gold come from that was used to make the tiara?

That brings me to my next point. The gold was brought to Saitaphernes (the name of the Scythian King who created it) from the Garden of Eden. It was brought to him using an ancient serpent of knowledge that the king had captured and charmed with the help of a mage.

The snake brought back the empowered gold piece by piece and eventually it was melted down and used to make this piece. Now, I told you that the tiara had its lifeform and that is what I meant.

The Tiara is the presence of all knowledge. It was made with gold that God had been reserving for the New Jerusalem within the Garden of Eden, but there they were with the relic made out of the same gold. I'm only letting you know this so that way you are fully aware that the gold that was used for the tiara held the full power of God, which is how the tiara acquired its life.

Essentially, the tiara holds the full knowledge of God. This is the full knowledge of the universe. It is also the full knowledge of white light magic.

Needless to say, we don't have the original tiara. We have a piece that has sponged the powers from the Tiara and will allow you to experience its powers without ever having to wear the Tiara.

Instead, you will wear the piece and you will meditate with it. You will feel a connection with it. It will flow through your body like a spark. Then, you will dictate to the piece the knowledge that you want, including any magic if you want that. There's no need to rush. You will do just one knowledge or magic at a time. Then you will wear the piece and it will be "uploaded" into your mind. YOu will be able to then use the knowledge, power, magic, etc. as if it was yours all along.

There is no knowledge that this piece cannot bring you. this piece was created with gold that housed God's energy and presence. Therefore, whatever you want to know you know. Whatever you wish to see will be shown to you.

This piece will also give you a connection to God that will reveal his true nature, including his 72 names and secret hidden powers.

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