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The Key to Desire

The Key to Desire

SKU: 22521074


We now accept several payment forms for your convenience.  We accept PayPal and credit cards through PayPal.  If you want to PayPal the money, email Deedee and let her know and we will send you an invoice.  You can pay via CashApp and Venmo.  For these two, you will email Deedee and she will send you an invoice.  Finally, we accept Zelle.  Zelle is done through your bank and the limits on Zelle are set by them.  You will send the money using the email address  Before sending money, please email Deedee and let her know what the money is for.  If we receive money and no explanation we are not going to know what it is for and we will assume it is a gift.  

We also accept cash through the mail at your risk.  We are not responsible if the cash is lost or stolen en route to our address.  


We call this piece the Key to Desire.  You will notice that this piece is a key pendant featuring the iconic Playboy bunny.  We thought we'd have a good time with this piece and we sent it to a place that offers nothing but sexual magic.  It was sent to a friend of ours in Amsterdam who imparted the magic of Ishtar upon the piece.  Ishtar is the goddess of many things and among those things are sexual desire and love.  

When you wear this piece you will become hypersexualized with the sexual magic of a goddess.  You will gain the ability to attract the people that you want.  You will gain the ability to seduce.  You will emit a special pheromone that allows you to be attracted to whomever you want the pheromone to work on.  You will be given the ancient sexual knowledge of the goddess.  You will be able to swivel those hips and grind those gears in a way that nobody has ever experienced.  You will deliver sexual pleasure from the top of the head to the tip of the toe.  In turn, you will also receive the deep, penetrating sexual satisfaction that you have been craving with orgasms, unlike anything you've ever felt.  These are deep-rooted and subliminal.  You will experience these orgasms not only at the physical level but also in the mind and the spiritual level.  

These orgasms will increase your intelligence and enlightenment.  This means the more orgasms you have, the more highly enlightened you will become.  

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