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The Last Rose

The Last Rose

SKU: 22822107

The Last Rose

We have all seen the bachelor, unfortunately. Reality tv has consumed most of America, it’s sad. Most of it if not all, is fake. The constant barrage of brain washing has people living in a fantasy. Many people are gold diggers, lack morals and even bleach their buttholes now. When not bleaching their buttholes or acting pretentious they are trying to figure out what gender they want to be that day. This piece will bring you a normal life with that last rose going to you.

The rose brings you marriage. This marriage will last. This piece will remove blocks from your happiness. Emotional issues are removed and a true soulmate is given to you. This piece will do its job! I have tested it and I have this Greek guy chasing me. It’s seriously comical! Long story.

This will work for any age and either of the two genders, male or female.

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