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The Lemurian Third Eye

The Lemurian Third Eye

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This is a piece that once belonged to a Lemurian prince.  While this piece looks fairly new, it was actually ancient before it transcended time and made its way into our realm.  To be honest, the only reason why it made its way into our realm is that I brought it back, or else it would still exist in ancient Lemuria-- a place where I was able to visit because of a piece that allowed me to travel in time and location.  I made it sound easy, but it was actually a whole process and took quite some time.  

In Lemuria, they have pyramids and sphinxes, but in Lemuria, they also have these silos.  The silos are enormous and they are all marked on the outside with a symbol that looks like the formation that is made by the bluestones of the pendant we are offering.  By the way, these stones are beautiful.  They are absolutely stunning.  The pendant itself is sterling silver and it comes on a chain.  Originally, the piece was brittle and not quite as pleasing the eye, but it transformed when I brought it forward in time.  Anomalies can be weird like that sometimes.  

The time that passed in Lemuria passed much more quickly than time does now.  I was able to attend a Lemurian Mystery School called La Mystora while in Lemuria.  This mystery school taught the meaning behind the ancient symbol.  It is the shape of the third eye on an alien race that visited the Lemurians in ancient times.  The aliens-- yet to be identified-- taught the Lemurians all the magic they knew.  It was a simple process of sitting forehead to forehead with the aliens.  The third eye formation that they had on their forehead allowed them to zap their magic into the Lemurians' minds.  

The ancients then stored the knowledge inside of the silos that I told you about, which were then marked with the symbol that I told you about.  Once the extraterrestrials left, younger Lemurians would earn what they called their 'Great Awakening' by spending three consecutive days in the Silo, which allowed their 3rd Eyes to receive the same information as the ancients, just in a different manner.  

As I'm sure you've guessed by now, this piece is going to give you that same 'Great Awakening' that was experienced by the Lemurians who were sent to the silos during their coming of age celebration to receive their own 'Great Awakening'.  This piece holds the powers of what we are calling the Lemuring Third Eye.  You will wear this piece and it will be as if you had been visited by one of the ETs and they had placed their third eye where yours is and administered the magic to your itself.  The turnaround period for this varies person by person but could take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months.  

With this awakening, you will receive a psychic connection to the universe.  This will give you the ability to pull powers and magic from wherever you need them.  Since you will be connected to the universe, all you will have to do is concentrate on the powers/energies needed to create the magic you want and it will materialize for you.  The magic will be delivered through your third eye into your body, where you will be able to use the magic as you please.
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