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The Lilithene Garden of Delights

The Lilithene Garden of Delights

SKU: 1012117


This is a beautiful bracelet. You can see more of this piece by visiting the following web address:

This piece is called the Garden of Delights. Like the Garden of Darkness, this piece has been created by one of Lilith's own daughters, the Lilithenes. You've read all about the other one that will allow you to walk through the garden of black roses. Now, there is this one-- called the Garden of Desires.

This piece focuses on sexual energy only and using that sexual energy to acquire what you truly desire out of life. As the Lilithenes were obviously very keen on sex magic, it should come as no surprise that this piece relies on sexual activity to grant you what you want.

First and foremost this piece gives you the ability to seduce and entice. It allows you to charm. It will allow you to get inside of another person's head. You will be all they can think about. They will want you. They will need you. In the words of Boy George, they will tumble for you!

This piece allows you to give and receive intense, pleasurable orgasms. They will be unlike anything you've ever witnessed before. However, these intense orgasms are made for a purpose and the purpose is to generate energy and magic. At the height of your orgasm, you will be able to project your thoughtforms out of your mind and manifest them into reality.

This could be wealth, fame, a luxurious lifestyle, a hidden type of knowledge, hidden magic, or anything in between. The sex energy and the friction of flesh on flesh will allow you to open up a metaphysical door and make it a reality.

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