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The Napoloenic Experience--What Lies Beyond

The Napoloenic Experience--What Lies Beyond

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    We have told you about the time that Napoleon stayed inside of the pyramid.  I'm not going to go into great detail, because I could type pages just describing that.  Essentially, what happened is that Napoleon decided that he was going to stay in the Kings' Chamber of the Pyramid overnight.  He managed to do so, but it changed his life forever.  When the guards saw Napoleon as white as a ghost the following morning they asked him what was wrong.  He said nothing.  He took it to his death bed, only writing down what he really experienced in a journal.  This journal was later found on the island that Napoleon was banished to when he was sent to die.

    Whatever it was that Napoleon did see that night was so frightening that he chose never to speak of it again.  The entity that he saw was an interdimensional being of great power.  We only know this because we have since had experiences with the entity.  The entity is not scary in and of itself.  However, it's what the entity shows you that will really do you in.  What Napoleon saw when he was in the Pyramid was the end of his life, which inevitably ended all alone with stomach cancer.  Not only that, we have since been made aware that what Napoleon asked to see was Hell.  Some said that Napoleon was an evil man because of his warring tendencies.  By chance those people were right, the Emperor wanted to see what Hell was really like.  He was shown and it put me into a mild state of shock.  That's why he appeared the way he did when he came out of the Kings' Chamber.  

    Napoleon didn't only have one diary.  He actually had two.  One was the one where he recounted what happened to him in the Pyramid.  Then, there was another diary.  This diary gave explicit instructions on how to summon the magic that allowed those who found the diary to recreate what Napoleon had experienced in the King's Chamber the night that he stayed there.  Again, this diary was later found and it was the basis upon with the Order of Egyptian Luminaries was born, OEL for short.  In the diary, Napoleon goes into great detail on how to summon the energies from the pyramids.  There is an eternal entity that lies in the pyramids that can be called upon.  This entity exists thanks to a time-bend that exists in the largest of the three pyramids.  The time-bend was placed there by the entities that brought the pyramids, the sphinx, and other Earthly endowments.  

    The time bend is what opened up an anomaly that allowed the entity that Napoleon encountered to come to Earth in the first place.  We assume the time bend was created for the dead kings to be able to get to wherever they were going.  Whatever the case may be, it is that time bend that allowed the entity to come to Earth and present itself to Napoleon.  The entity is interdimensional and has traveled very very many places.  As such, it holds a lot of knowledge.  This knowledge is very old-- as in ancient-- and it comes from universes and other places that were around before our own.  The entity has traveled through multiple layers and channels of existence.  He exists outside of normal bounds and rules of existence. Honestly, not even God controls him.  I say he, but it's not necessarily a gender at all.  He can take any form he chooses or desires.  The entity is truly unlike any we have experienced.

    The people who found Napoleon's hidden diary were delighted to find the instructions on how to call forth the entity.  They founded the Order of Egyptian Luminaries.  Their first order was to create glasses, as specified in the Napoleonic diary.  These glasses were not regular glasses, but ones that could cut the veil between our reality and all realities.  When they saw through the glasses they were able to see forms of existence that are layered on top of our own existence.  Vampires, angels, werewolves, walking dragons, demons, and other entities became known for what they really were.  The glasses also allowed the Luminaries to see into the minds of others.  Simply peer through the glasses.  The best part about the glasses and the whole reason for this write-up is the fact that peering through the glasses that were created by the Luminaries allowed them to see the entity that appeared to Napoleon in the pyramid.  

    Somebody is going to ask, "okay, well then what shape does he take, huh?"  To that, I will simply say this.  He appeared to Napoleon in a way that would resonate within Napoleon in a way that would allow him to resonate with Napoleon.  The entity will appear to you in whatever form necessary to allow his presence to resonate within you.  The piece you are getting is a pair of binoculars that were created by the Order of Egyptian Luminaries.  These binoculars are antique and they are extremely powerful.  When looking at the binoculars you will notice that the Sphinx is on them.  That is because the Sphinx is the guardian of the Pyramids.  The magic that you are using comes from the time anomaly of the pyramids.  It will bend space-time.  When you look through them, the entity will appear to you in whatever way it needs to for you to feel familiar with it.  

    This is an omniscient being, meaning that knows most things.  I don't want to say all, because the universe is constantly expanding, and maybe there's some aspect of the expansion that this entity has missed, but I'll tell you that there isn't much.  You will get to see the entity in a full form that is customized to fit your specific needs.  Then, what the entity offers is astounding!  Using the same binoculars you will be able to see what the entity has seen.  You will be able to know what it knows.  You can ask the entity to show you anything that you want to see and he will allow you to look through the binoculars and see whatever it is you have asked to see.  When using the binoculars to see these places, your astral soul will be pulled pull from your body and through the binoculars.  You will be transported to the place you have asked to see.  Once there, you will be able to take whatever form is customary.  You will acquire knowledge of that particular place, including the magic that is present.  You will receive a real-life, real-time account of the place.  Again, this includes all the magic that the place has to offer.  

    Obviously, the best example of this is when Napoleon asked the entity to allow him to see Hell.  He wanted to see if Hell was as bad of a place as it has been written.  Needless to say, he got his answer.  You will also get your answer.  The Luminaries created this set of binoculars for only the top-level initiates of their secret society.  They styled their society the Order of Egyptian Luminaries because the magic that allows them to access the entity comes from the time bend in the pyramid.  This piece has only ever been used by members of the OEL, but those members have comprised some very powerful, rich, wealthy, and famous, and influential people.  

    This is by far the most powerful that we will offer tonight.  Just to recap, this piece will allow you to behold Napoleon's Entity in a customized form that you will be able to identify with.  You will see him through the lenses of this piece.  This piece will also allow you to the human mind and to see the thoughts of others.  It will allow you to see entities that exist on Earth but hide behind human facades.  Most importantly, this piece allows you to see into any point in history or time that you want to travel.  This includes the many channels of existence through which the entity has passed that aren't governed by the laws of our universe or reality.  

    You will be able to see any place in existence, but these binoculars will pull you through in your astral form, allowing you to actually experience the places that you see.  This allows you to accrue and collect the magic of as many places you want to use this piece to see and travel to.  There are unlimited possibilities with this piece.  It literally cuts your cord and allows you to travel freely as you please.  It is the ability to become a true Interdimensional Travel, a Seeker of Knowledge, and the source of many powerful magics that you will pick up along the way. 

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