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The Necrolog

The Necrolog

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This pieces made with real agate and you can use a YouTube video using the following web address:

This piece holds its roots in ancient magic that has been manifested at the Bohemian grove. It is tied to an artifact that was created there during a ritual that called forth the god Molech. If you don't know who Molech is you can look him up, but among other things, he is the god of wisdom, magic, living knowledge, and desires.

This piece was created after the Bohemians summoned Molech from the realms of the divine and called him forth into the body of a mortal. Molech granted things to the Bohemians while he was in mortal form, but that is not what we are highlighting here. We are highlighting what came afterward.

The body that housed Molech wasn't just anybody, but was a sacrificial body that was slain during the ritual. When Molech came to the mortal realm it was reanimated by his presence. When Molech returned to the realms of the divine the body that he had previously occupied once again laid lifeless.

I always say, "Waste not want not," but in this circumstance, the Bohemians took it to a whole new level. They used the flesh of the deceased to make vellum and assemble a book that they called the Necrolog. The history of the entire club and the magic that they've created has been written into this log, but here's the thing-- everything that has been written is absorbed by the Vellum.

The only blood that can be used to write in the Necrolog is the blood ink of humans. This is created with a few drops of mortal blood, some ink, and a spell that transforms the ink into human blood. When this concoction is written on the mortal vellum pages it is absorbed and delivered directly to Molech. As such, the Necrolog is not only a book of the club's history but a book upon which is written the desires of its members. These desires are then delivered to Molech, who grants them.

What we have is a piece that holds the magical essence of the Necrolog. You will need to go out and buy a pack of vellum paper. It is no longer made with the skin of any animal, so if you're vegan it's okay for you to use. In fact, you can pick it up at staples. While you are there buy yourself a red pen, as this needs to be done in red ink. You will also need a red candle.

You will wait until it is dark out. I mean completely dark. Don't try dusking this one. It won't work. I know you might be excited to use your piece, but you need to make sure it's done at night, by the light of the blood (red) candle. You will then light the candle, turn of all the lights, and write your desire on a sheet of Vellum. You will only write one desire per sheet.

Then, when you are done writing down your desire, you will fold the vellum in quarters and burn it. Since your vellum obviously isn't going to absorb your ink, this is what is going to send your desires directly to Molech for him to grant them. You can ask for anything that you want, but what you ask for directly determines how long the turnaround time is for Molech to grant it.

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