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The Realm of Faces, Professors of Magic

The Realm of Faces, Professors of Magic

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This is a 10k men's ring with emerald in it.  It is a very handsome and stately omg.   Read below to find out why it is also very powerful! 

I was on vacation with my friends and I had this piece in my pocket.  We knew that the piece had something to do with altered states of consciousness.  However, we were going more with something along the lines of being able to alter others’ states of consciousness or even being able to get inside their state of consciousness to change how they see things, as sort of a method of mind control.  I was just going to see if I could maybe get them to like food that they never liked before or to see if I could get them all to unanimously agree on an activity to do-- something that rarely happens.  However, we missed the mark on that big time.  It doesn’t alter the state of consciousness, the state of consciousness must be altered in order to use it.  

How did I find this out?  We were at a campsite and I told them I was running out for some pizza real quick.  My clumsy ass began trotting to my car and about halfway there I lost my footing, fell down a little slope, and hit my head on a rock at the bottom.  I literally knocked myself unconscious.  It was no big deal because my body immediately began to heal itself right away-- a side effect of my prior transformation.  However, I was out cold for about an hour.  You might think to yourself, “What kind of friends does he have?”  To be fair, we were in the woods and it was about half an hour to the nearest town, so about the time they began calling me and coming to look for me, I was on the brink of consciousness again.  I had to assure them that I was alright.  Luckily, there was no blood or scrapes, or maybe there had been, but they had cleaned up.  

Anyway, it’s not about the fact that I was knocked dead unconscious, it's about what happened when I was out.  While I was in that altered state of consciousness the powers in this piece began to take effect.  I could literally feel myself falling through space.  It wasn’t space like stars and stuff.  I felt myself falling through nothing, spiraling through absolutely nothing.  It was like I was in a sensory deprivation tank or something. I felt absolutely nothing at all.  All I could see were the faces.  There are dozens or perhaps hundreds of these faces.  They all look different, but they all somehow look the same.  They look at the faces of old men.  White hair, white bushy eyebrows, long white flowing hair.  The best way to describe them is to say they look like you would envision Moses or maybe Merlin, definitely Gandolf.  

As I was falling these faces began to fly past me like meteors or lightning bugs on a night drive during summer.  Then, something strange happened.  Time slowed down and my body’s plummet came to a very slow falling like I was suspended in mid-air, still surrounded by nothing.  However, the faces began to materialize out of the nothingness.  I concentrated on seeing them, and that’s when I realized that not only could I see them, but they could talk to me through my mind.  

I looked to my left and stuck my hands out to balance my momentum.  As I turned, I saw a particularly wrinkly old face and he was the one who first spoke into my mind, telling me that they were the professors of ancient knowledge.  I remember thinking to myself that they sure looked old enough to be ancient, to which he responded that I was to think of any type of magic that I wanted and that it would be given to me.  I took full advantage of the situation and immediately thought to myself that I might be able to know the alchemy of the flame-- the ability to transform the energies from the fire into what you want to be.  

In a moment’s time there appeared another wrinkly face.  This one looked the same, but different.  He had a pronounced nose and piercing blue eyes.  This entity swirled around in nothing until it was at eye level with me.  It then spoke into my head and said, “look into my eyes.”  I obliged and when I did, I was sucked through his eyes into some alternate realm, where I came face to face with the ancient professor of the flame.  Long story short, time stood still as this ancient Professor took his time to teach me all that he knew about fire magic.  By the time he was done,  I could create my own djinn, I could use the flame to see the future, I could use the flame to open portals to different dimensions and levels of reality, it allowed me to call forth all types of spirits and entities.  It shared with me the holy magic of the divine flame and how to conjure God’s holy presence using fire magic and how to get miracles created using the same method.   The amount of magic that this piece revealed to me was invigorating enough that I'm excited to offer it to others.  

For example, when I was done with the elder I asked for wealth magic.  You know my stance on wealth magic.  I don’t use it personally, so I chose a decent non-profit that I wanted to take my place.  The Professor of Ancient Wealth seemed pleased with the notion.  I ended up with him the same way that I ended up with the last Professor.  I thought I could skip that part, but I guess you can never be too safe.  It was the same process, only his magic was different and his face had more of a square look.  This professor took me by the hand and showed me many futures for the non-profit that I had chosen to bless with the money.  He showed me all the possible ways he could create wealth for them and how it would affect their future.  He would do the same with an individual that was reaching out for his magic, also.  We ended up choosing the business and I can tell you that it has affected them drastically.  They don’t know what we’ve done, but I’m friends with the person who runs it and they have definitely increased by 335% since we have helped them.  

Look, this piece is legit.  I eventually did wake up and went and got my pizza-- you know, in case anybody cares.  I was so mystified by the raw power that is held by the Professors-- I mean sacred geometry and numerology, alchemy, gnostic secrets, druidic forming.  I tested this piece several times safer than through meditation to alter my state of consciousness and each I visited a different Professor and I was absolutely astounded by their ancient wisdom and the magic they have to offer.   You will be able to do the same when you own this piece.  It is never-ending and you will be able to use it as often and as many times as you’d like, over and over again to collect all the knowledge and magic you want.
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