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The Ring of Shades

The Ring of Shades

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This is a gorgeous and stately looking men's ring make with 10k gold, real diamond, and real ruby.  It is made of the finest materials, because the magic has been made for the upper rust.  Read on the experience sheer power!  

The Trilateral Commission was developed by David Rockefellerin 1973.  It was a coalition of America and its principal allies-- Canada, Japan, and Western Europe.  The idea was to promote economic and social interdependence in a time of contemporary change.  In so many words, the commission was an international think tank designed to ease discord and strengthen ties with those countries that were considered allies.  

The fact is that the word was in a weak spot.  It had suffered from decades of war and the people who controlled the world-- the people at the top of the social ladders of the countries involved knew that if they act swiftly that they'd be able to pretty much control and guide most circumstances that the world would fall under  

I'm not saying these plans were pure in the beginning because chances are they never were, but as time has progressed so has the strength of the coalition and their meddling, sinisters ways.  They directly influence-- or just straight up control-- major events of the world.  For instance, they have their hand in elections all over the world.  Also, the effects of global pandemic of mass proportions ws discussed among members of the coalition right before it actually happened.  

However, when you bring that up you are called a conspiracy theorist, despite the fact that here is plenty of evidence to back up my claims.  Let’s switch to something that I can actually physically-- and metaphysically-- prove to you.  It’s the fact that among the many pots that the coalition has their hands in, magic and sorcery is one of them.  Not that I feel the need to be validated, but this piece backs up what i’m telling you.  

This ring i snot an initiation ring or a prize that is given away to certain members of the coalition.  Rather this ring is the source.  It holds ancient Babylonian death rite magic.  It was found many years ago at a dig in Iran that secretly produced magical items, one of them being the tablet that allowed the coalition to be able to call upon the dead in a very peculiar way.  

It requires a willing party, so the people at the top must have done a good job at brainwashing their followers.  Or, maybe there is somebody out there that just craves the rush of dying and being brought back to life.  That’s exactly what has to happen in order for the ring to grow in power.  The people performing the ritual would determine who they’d call upon first using the dreath rite magic.  Then they’d slowly reduce the oxygen in the person who had volunteered, until the person ran out and technically died.  

Once that person was dead, the soul of the person that was called forward would habit the body and the body would start breathing again, only this time the mind and consciousness of the spirit that was called upon.  The ring would then be slipped on the finger of the volunteer.  

Sometimes a conversation would take place between the person doing the ritual and the spirit they were calling.  Sometimes not, but the full range of intellect, including magic ability was siphoned into the ring, which then held the presence-- we call it the shade-- of the person the soul that was summoned.  Thus, we call this piece the Ring of Shades.  Oh yeah, the process would then be reversed and the volunteer would be brought back to life.

That’s pretty much the foundation upon which the ring was built.  Good thing that this piece could only be used with souls, because if not I’m sure the coalition would be going around stealing portions of people’s souls right out of their bodies.  So, that is the basis upon which this ring has been created.  Now, I’m not sure why they chose this particular ring, but the power can be felt in the ring simply by holding it in your hand.  

The ring itself holds the presence of thousands of spoils that have been conjured by the coalition in order to make this piece what it has become.  These souls include not only mortal sous, but the souls of angels, the souls of gods, the souls or immortals the sould of entities, etc.  A few examples include Marie Laveau, Elizabeth Bathory, Vlad Tepes, Ba’al Shem, John Dee, Edward Kelley, King Tut, Cleopatra, Confucius, Pythagoras, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Isis, Ishtar, Molech, Aiwass/Aleister Crowely, Anton Lavey, George Washington, Thomas Jefferso, Delphine LaLaurie, Sir Isaac Newton-- the list goes on and on and on.  

As I’m sure you can imagine, this ring is inexplicably powerful.  It is usually safeguarded by those who keep watch over it.  There must be a few people who want to see the downfall of the coalition.  Hey, whatever.  We’’ll take t, because that means more power in our hands and more power that we can offer our customers.  Having said that I’m sure that you already understand what you are getting.

You are getting this ring that holds thousands of soul shades in it.  It includes the magical knowledge, the educational knowledge, the informative knowledge, tc, of some of the worlds greatest minds to ever exist.  It includes the soul shads of deities and other entities such as vampires.  

You can use this ring as a walking set of magical encyclopedias.  The best part is you don’t even have to die to use it, because that part has already been done for you.  All you have to do is sit down with this piece and meditate.  Either call out the soul directly whose powers you want to absorb, or call out the name of a power/ability and multiple souls that offer that ability will present themselves to you.  However you use this piece, just know that it's very powerful and very easy to use.  That was the name of the game for the rich bitches who used it before the rest of us have.  Enjoy your slice of magical majesty.
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