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The Secret Gospel of Peter:  Becoming One With God

The Secret Gospel of Peter: Becoming One With God

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This piece is a Sterling silver ring with a beautiful midnight blue topaz. 

I've heard the argument made before that if Jesus had 12 disciples why didn't more of them write gospels.  The simple answer is that some of them did.  However, like man usually does, we really dropped the ball on trying to understand them.  The thing is that humans have finite minds and they can't really understand everything that is going on all at once.  They try to create their own narratives and make the story of what actually happened when Jesus was on Earth fit their own agenda.  Then, you have people who just simply don't want to dispel the truth from where it is hidden.  They are afraid people might wake up and get to smart for them to be able to be controlled.

What I am here to share with you is that there are, in fact, other accounts of things that happened while Jesus was on Earth.  Instead of being shared they are stifled and shunned by the church of apocryphal teaching.  Such is the case concerning the Gospel of people, which in 200 AD was condemned as heretical on the grounds that it presented alleged docetic elements.  Docetism is the belief that Christ did not actually have a physical body when he came to Earth, but instead came in spiritual form.  

While we know that this is not true, Peter's gospel was rejected only due to elements of docetism that were found in his account of Christ's life.  I understand that saying that Jesus didn't come to Eart in the flesh is wrong, but there are definitely accounts of spirituality that go hand-in-hand with Jesus' presence on Earth.  Perhaps Peter's alleged docetic teachings were teachings that supplemented the traditional teachings with aspects of Christ spiritualism?  I'm not here to debate that, though.  

In fact, I'm here to tell you about another writing of Peter altogether.  It doesn't really have a name, but we call it the Secret Gospel of Peter.  There's a reason this gospel wasn't circulated among the church.  They would have probably hung whoever read it to a cross right like they did Jesus.  This is because this gospel is an account of how Jesus would leave the disciples behind while he was on Earth.  He would go to places, secret places, where the energy was just right.  He would use this energy to transcend realms.

The account told by Peter was an experience he had where Jesus was teaching Peter to transcend with him.  Peter tells an account of taking Jesus by the hand and transcended into Heaven with him.  In his experience, he was washed by the white light flame of the Holy Spirit.  His spiritual imperfections were eliminated.  He was rejuvenated and charged like a battery, simply by spending time in the presence of God.  He was given secret messages and many aspects of God's existence were revealed to him.  He was not able to look upon God's face, but he could hear his voice.  He could gaze upon the seven layers of Heaven and the magic and the fortitude that they had to offer all those who end up there.  

In other words, through his experience, Peter got to leave his physical body behind and travel with Jesus to Heaven where he became one existence with God.  In addition to the spiritual cleansing he received, he received the Cosmic Cognizance and the understanding of the many layers of reality that they are.  These things are no apocryphal, they are different aspects of God.  Just as you don't tell a 4-year-old the many aspects of adult life, God didn't reveal his entire nature to humanity.  There are many aspects of God's existence that we do not understand.  They explain things like why there is an entire universe, the existence of aliens, if everyone goes to Heaven or Hell, why there are ghosts, what black holes really do, and many, many more mysteries that you wouldn't be able to understand.  

Through his experience with Jesus, these things were revealed to Peter, but he knew the Church would never hear it.  Through his experience with becoming one with God, Peter was able to see and comprehend, on some levels, the many complexities to the different aspects of God's existence.  He knew that it would be dismissed so he never bothered sharing.  That's okay, though. In his gospel, he gives instructions on how to harvest the energy that will allow you to replicate his experience.  

When using this piece you will meditate and Jesus will appear to you.  He will take you by the hand and allow you to travel to Heaven.  Like Peter, you will join you to the presence of God.  Like Peter, the inner-workings of God and his consciousness, including the same Cosmic Cognizance that Peter received.  God will open up his most vulnerable aspects and you will be able to know him and how he operates.  This includes the ability to manifest powerful white light abilities.  It also includes the ability to create miracles.  It also includes the recharging and spiritual purification spoken about above.  When it comes to knowing God and receiving Him, this piece is the cream of the crop.
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