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The Unknown Crystal Skull

The Unknown Crystal Skull

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Crystal skull

In 2008 I acquired an original crystal skull. This skull came from a woman who had owned it prior. Whose name was Anna. It was Anna and her father, who had originally discovered them in a Mayen city, called Lubaatun in 1924.

What are the actual 13 skulls? They were crafted from pure crystal quartz. It is not known if they were brought to earth by aliens, or were originally created by Atlanteans and resided in Atlantis. I believe it was both.I believe the aliens brought the crystal skulls to the Atlanteans, who put them to good use. I also believe the five acre temple underneath the savage jungle in that Mayan city used to be either part of Atlantis or was placed there afterwards. What I do know is that Temple holds a pyramid where all the original 13 skulls were kept. With 12 being in a circle and one being in the center, the 13th one. This formation is known as the Ark. Most scientists and archaeologists know it’s called the Ark but not a single one says why it’s called that. It’s pretty easy to figure out to me but they are only operating on a scientific mind which plays no part in the supernatural.

What is known by many not including the scientists or the archaeologists is the talked about supernatural powers, what some of you have heard. This is being able to see into the past, present and future. Total activation of psychic ability. The storing of energy to use physically. This means among many other things to move things with your mind. Total communication with spirits. The ability to gain full access to the crystal grid which lays across the Earth. That’s what is widely known.

What is not known. I did not meet Anna. She and her father discovered the crystal skulks but he was well known to exaggerate. I don’t want to get into letters I got to read or anything negative about him. That’s all I will say. The crystal skulls are real and they do hold not only the strangest powers but extreme power. I bought my crystal skull the year Anna died in 2008. I have a contact in NYC who comes to me first with items they feel I will be interested in. Yes I do pay a premium but that’s the cost of business. Yes, I still have my crystal skull. It’s locked up. I had it decontaminated after I allowed someone who stayed in my house to hold it. Later I found out I didn’t need to do that because it’s so powerful it takes care of itself. The person that stayed in my house was a creepy bastard who honestly doesn’t deserve to live. However, these are not my judgements to make and only my opinions, about the creepy bastard.

Getting off track here like I usually do. Also while off track. The Deflated Pumpkin head has died. Many of you thought I didn’t like him because he was my ex, but I did. We got along fine. He was killed. It was thought to be a murder at first and did happen in the MaysLanding House. These are just some of the things that have gone on in the past year. He has since come back to give a very important message which I’m glad the person it was meant for is taking it seriously.

Back on track now! What is not known by the general public about the crystal skulls. The Ark symbol inside the pyramid they formed was for a reason. That placement connected all of them to a universal consciousness of ALL WORLDS. Now what does that even mean? Because these worlds are seen and unseen! Why call it the Ark? Scientists and archaeologists didn’t name it that, the skulls or Atlanteans getting is from the aliens did.

The powers not widely known are coming directly from Anna who wrote about them. These are not coming from me. Some I have tested and some I have no way of testing unless I’m to go around looking like a nut job. So here they are along with the others I already mentioned.

Healing power including cancer. I do not sell anything that cures cancer and won’t give medical advice. I’m also NOT telling you this cures cancer! This comes directly from her research.

Full psychic visions.

Ancient knowledge.

Full transformation of human enlightenment.

Those along with what I already posted above. There is no death by looking into the crystal skull eyes. That is a lie. What you see is the past, present and future.

What you are getting. The green skull ring with crystal eyes. You are also getting a clear quartz not pictured. That clear quartz came directly from the temple and was one of many that surrounded the 13th commanding skull as it sat in the Ark. Both the ring has been empowered by the original human sized crystal skull which I do possess. Make an offer if you like. The quartz not pictured is not empowered and is an original, living piece! Your getting both. This is not something to pass up. There are some pieces that if your truly into the paranormal and the supernatural, you go for. This is one of them. Just as a side note. I believe and it has been proven that these skulls were not machine made. They were also here before Christ. Why is the one part of the temple called the Ark? I think there is a connection somewhere that includes a lot of things including our pyramids and solar system binding them with all the powers of the heavens! This is truly a one of a kind buy.

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