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The Vampiress of Arnis

The Vampiress of Arnis

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vampire vibes only.  This piece is extremely powerful in what it will do for you.  I know we say that a lot, but it's true.  We get only the best pieces and this is one of them.  This piece is one of the claws that was worn by a woman known as the Vampiress of Arnis.  

To those in Germany Arnis was a cute little town.  In fact, it's the smallest in Germany with a population of just over 300.  This goes hand in hand with the town's dark and shadowy past, including a coven of vampires that showed up in the early 1700s who would prey on fisherman who visited the quaint port town.  

This claw obviously isn't three-hundred years old.  However, it was used by the vampiress who is immortal.  Her powers are also immortal.  She is the leader of the German coven of vampires called Die Dunklen, or the Dark Ones.  The claw was an implement used by the vampiress cut the throats of her victims before she drained them of their blood.  Yes, she could have just used her fangs, but the rumor is that she enjoyed hearing the piece tear the flesh of her victims before she went in for the kill.  

This piece is definitely not a white piece.  This piece doesn't have to be dark either.  This token of power brings you the powers of the Vampiress.  We are not sure how, but she was eventually slain and her coven scattered, which is how it usually goes.  You take down the leader and the rest leave.  This piece was recovered from one of her vampire breeding grounds located in the wild just outside of Arnis.  They are called nests.  

This piece is not sharp anymore.  It's actually kind of dull, but you don't have to use it for cutting anything anyway.  The power of the Vampiress of Arnis rests in this piece.  The piece is dual and it depends on how you use it.  It grants you the full vampiric abilities of the vampiress.  When you wear this piece you will connect with her and her presence will exist in your mind.  You can communicate with her in telepathic form.  She will direct her sanguine powers to you, yet you will neither crave nor need blood.  

These powers include mesmerization, seduction, the ability to control others' minds, full telepathy, full psychic awakening, sanguine spell crafting, astral travel, blood ritual magic, etc.  These are just a few.  You can openly discuss with the Vampiress of Arnis what powers you would like and if she can't offer them to you, she will find them. 
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