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The Veil of Veronica and the Christ Consciousness

The Veil of Veronica and the Christ Consciousness

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This is one of several pieces that we received in a collection.  These pieces were delivered to us from an anonymous source who recovered them from the Vatican Underground Archive.  This piece is an antique.  This piece has been tested again and again.  Each time it was tested the same results were presented.  It holds the powers of the Veil of Veronica.  The Veil of Veronica is a Christian relic. It consists of a piece of cloth said to bear the image of the Holy Face of Jesus produced by other than human means, a.k.a. an acheiropoieton, meaning "made without hand."  We have no idea how the miraculous powers were set into this piece, but the Holy See has ways of getting things done that most people do not.  

This piece holds the powers of Veronica's Veil.  Just like the face of Christ showed up on the sweat cloth when you use this piece the face of Christ will show up in your mind.  When he does there will be a transference of consciousness.  You will gaze deep into Christ's eyes and his consciousness will become one with your consciousness.  Thus, you will receive what we always call the Christ consciousness.  This will allow you to know what Christ knows-- all his power, all his knowledge, all his magical abilities, all of his miracle granting magic, etc.  

We know that this is a very serious power and that we aren't charging that much for this piece.  That's because we didn't really have to do much to get this piece.  Also, we believe that everyone should have a chance to own magic like this.  This is that chance.  It's your chance to receive the Christ consciousness and to gain his divine holiness and his white light knowledge and magic.  Do not let the magic of the piece pass you by.  This is a life-changing experience.
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