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The Virgin's Chrism

The Virgin's Chrism

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Dee Dee

In Wamba, Spain you will find a place that is so spiritually active that it is like a deafening roar for any psychic medium to walk through its doors. It is the Santa Maria Church, dedicated to the Virgin Mother of Miracles. Within exists an ossuary with the remains of a staggering amount of people, about 3,000!

It is no coincidence that the fact the presence of 3,000 dead bodies looms over the place and that the church was dedicated to the Mother of Christ. It is secretly believed that all the bones that are buried in the ossuary will receive the divine intervention of the Virgin Mother posthumously. And for the people who are still on Earth, there's the fact that the energies of the 3,000 bones draw the presence of Mary to the church.

The piece that we are offering is called the Virgin's Chrism. This is a tiny bottle that has been to Saint Mary's Church to absorb the powers within. It creates Chrism that is of the Virgin Mary. Crystal is good at absorbing and holding energy and sterling is massively conducive, so the fact that this piece is made from both is key to it being so effective.

This piece can simply be filled with water. It can also be filled with perfume, scent oil, or anything else that is liquid. You will be anointing yourself with it, so you probably want to make sure it smells good or doesn't smell at all. This piece holds the spiritual presence of the Virgin Mary, as absorbed in Saint Mary's Church in Wamba.

The piece is versatile and can be used in several ways. First and foremost it will grant you religious visions. These are visions of the future, or the past, whatever you prefer. She will show you divine secrets and revelations not fit for regular human minds.

This piece will show you the secrets of Fatima. I know this falls under the category of secrets, but it deserves its mention. The third secret of Fatima involves visions of a nuclear apocalypse and is very relevant to the times we live in. Unfortunately, the times are nigh.

This piece will provide protection, both spiritual and physical. This doesn't mean that you can out and intentionally harm yourself or jump out of a silo. It offers protection from evils and darkness that seek to destroy you or your faith.

This piece will grant you miracles. You will be able to plead your case directly to the Virgin Mary, who will intercede on your behalf and take your miracles to God. It will be granted to you. She will also send angels from Heaven to protect you and to watch over you and grant you divine wisdom.

Instructions will be given to the purchaser upon email request.

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