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The Westphalian Key to Magical Superiority

The Westphalian Key to Magical Superiority

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Unfortunately, we have to put this before each of the listings. We have customers that are new and are not on our mailing list. We have customers inquiring, so we just wanted to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

If you are ordering a carnival or 38.00 we have many of them. You may or may not get what’s in the picture. If you are buying from any of our four websites from the years from 2019 and below please ask if we have the item you are looking at. We hired a donkey-jaw and he mixed stuff up. I caught one today where the lady paid almost 300 and the picture showed costume jewelry. The actual item was sterling silver. I contacted her as I will if more of these issues come up. Thank you for understanding.

Dee Dee


The pin that we are offering is an antique. It once belonged to a German soldier that served in WWI. We aren’t sure what the name of that soldier is. We only know that the soldier existed and when he died he passed this piece on to his son. His son's name was Albertoff. We call him Al for short.

Al was a member of the SS during the Nazi regime. It’s not that he wanted to be part of it or didn’t want to be part of it. It was just what needed to happen in order to not die. He rose through the ranks eventually serving uner Heinrich Himmler in the Westphalian castle, Wewelsburg.

The piece, which is an original WWI-era pin was used by Al to store magical abilities that he came across while working in the infamous castle. He needed a place to hide the magic that he experienced without any of his higher-ups knowing that he acquired them. That would instantly be considered treasonous and he would be put to death. However, the powers were just so good that he couldn’t resist.

For instance, after the war, he used this piece to change the way he appeared to other people, so he could go under the radar and escape persecution. He used this piece to build wealth for himself. He used it to alter his life in order to make sure that he would live a long time.

He also used this piece to communicate with spirits. He used to summon different types of entities in order to gain their powers and abilities. He used the piece as a catalyst that propelled him into magical superiority. After his stint in Westphalia, he went off on his own and used what he had learned at the castle to perfect his craft.

As he grew in power, Al became able to crack open the universe and draw in the energies that he needed to create any type of magic that he wanted. Dark, white, dual, or otherwise, the magic that Al desired to create he was able to.

What we are offering is a chance to become like Al. We are offering a chance to become all-powerful. Initially, this piece holds Westphalian magic that will allow you to become acquainted with the Cosmos and the Universe. As the energies permeate your body you will be introduced to stronger and stronger magic. You will receive the living conscious of Albertoff as your guide into using this piece for whatever you want to use it for. It has plenty of potentials and what you can do with it is pretty much open-ended.

We haven’t ruled anything out with this piece, in particular. We know that Al was never able to use for immortality because had he learned how to he would have. Other than that, pretty much anything you can dream up is on the table. You can create your own magic, acquire magic that is already created, summon entities that will give you magic, etc.

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