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The Wizard Earl of Kildare

The Wizard Earl of Kildare

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This magic comes to you out of Ireland and it is very, very powerful.   The magic comes from a man who was known as the Wizard Earl of Kildare.  He was born Gerald FitzGerald, fashioned the 11th Earl of Kildare.  At a young age, Gerald was sent to England for studies.  While there he embraced the Renaissance and took a liking to astronomy, medicine, metallurgy, and alchemy.  Joining various underground clubs and secret societies, the young Earl was exposed to many different types of magic and magical theories.

At the end of Henry VIII’s reign, lands that belonged to the FitzGerald family in Ireland.  The 11th Earl of Kildare returned to Kilkea Castle in County Kildare.  Within the walls of his castle is where the madness happened.  There are all types of rumors that circulated-- from portal opening to blood-curdling screams that resounded within the castle’s walls at night time, to the Earl having summoned the Devil himself.  We don’t know what is true and what is untrue, but we do know that the Earl was very powerful.   

The folktale goes like this.  Gerald’s wife became suspicious of him and asked to see the magic that he was capable of.  He agreed to show her but told her that she couldn’t display fear or she would never see him again.  He made her pass three practice tests including being flooded up to her mouth, seeing the ghost of a long-departed friend, and the summoning of a serpent who wrapped itself around her body.  His stoic wife didn’t flinch once.  In fact, she welcomed these showings of power and magic.  

The Earl agreed that it was safe for her to see what he had been working on-- that he could transform his entire body.  He instructed her to close her eyes and open them only once he had stamped his foot three times.  She obliged.  When she opened them a stately blackbird appeared to her, perching on her shoulder to sing her a song.  At that moment the castle cat decided to pounce on the bird and the Countess fainted from shock.  She awoke, but never saw her husband again.

Now, we don’t know which parts of that are telltale or true.  Who knows?  Maybe all of it?  Maybe none of it?  What we do know is that the Wizard of Kildare, as he was called, was a very, very powerful magician.  In fact, he has come back to life to exist in many different forms throughout the years, furthering the magic that he worked on so fervently at Kilkea Castle.  

Once he came back as a secret mentor and guide to Saint Germain.  He taught Germain all that there was to know about alchemy and how to change his body, receive immortality, transcend through various realms of reality, even vampirism, and sanguine abilities.  He provided the platform from which Saint Germain built his magical echelon.  

Another time he came back, it was as a partner for Helene Blavatsky.  He is the one who whispered the secrets that she revealed to the world.  He is the one that helped her become as magical as she was.  In fact, without his help, she probably would have been little more than a clairvoyant that sometimes communicated with the dead.  He opened her up and showed her everything that she needed to see.

There are many other times he has come to Earth.  This piece was made by him and belonged to him during one of his lifetimes.  It is a pendant and a pendulum.  When used it creates a spiritual rift that will allow you to conjure forth any and every type of soul or entity.  I’m talking about face-to-face full-figure conversation.  This isn’t simple spiritual telepathy.  This is the real deal.  

There are also numerous other powers and abilities that you will be able to pull through using this pendulum.  These powers and abilities will come directly from the Earl of Kildare himself.  If he doesn’t have the power or ability to grant you, he will search for it or the means to make it.  Results may vary, especially depending on what kind of magic you are asking for, as far as time is concerned.  However, if you are asking for something pretty heavy and powerful, then it will be worth the wait because the Earl will not give out the magic that he is not 100% confident in.  

The piece you are getting is a sterling silver antique pendant.  With a stones in each side the middle that connects you to the Earl Wizard of Kildare
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