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The Wolf Ancients

The Wolf Ancients

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The Wolf Ancients

From the continent of Africa comes the ancient were-women or those with the ability to shape shift. In Latin were mean’s exactly that, to shape shift but it was mainly used to describe the shifting of humans into wolves. This sterling silver moonstone necklace holds 6 rainbow moonstones of great clarity and shifting color. The moonstones represent in this necklace the real moons power to transfer feral power and fertility of birthing magical abilities. The 7th moon is you. The silver prevents a lack of pain but loads of gain. The first werewolf and werewoman came from a very small area in Africa. Which country I’m unsure but I’m still looking into that. What this piece does is dose you with EXTREME sexuality, sexual stamina, THE KNOWING, high sensory physical feelings of a sexual nature but also extra sensory touch in all things. This moves into The Knowing. During the woman’s period she will become more feral and alert instead of tired. The woman can have feelings of urgent sexual need like the tales of Spanish Fly in the 80’s. The desire to ride anything with a stick will be able to be contained but it is hard, no pun intended. This isn’t a joke either but a very serious piece. The moon when full will make the breasts fuller and the clitoris clack, urgency is equal to total sexual abandonment. The vagina opens up to accept the largest of male sexual equipment but then closes around it for a perfect fit. Extra sensory perception is at its highest along with scent and mind blending. The nipples of the female may be just touched, flicked or pinched to produce a HARD body shaking orgasm. During orgasm, at the very moment of hard explosion a birthing takes place. Each birthing is different. The first one releases pheromones which activate the mind clearing it for primal knowledge. After that gifts are birthed through each hard organs. If multiple orgasms are obtained a full ten senses will be embedded on the next full moon. There really is a lot to this piece.

For the men who may also use this. You need to clutch it is your hand during sex. If you are a man( not a transgender) you must be a real man. It’s just how this piece works, it’s not a mean thing. It’s like when you go to the doctor they need to know who you are to treat you, it’s like that with this piece. However gays may use it and get the same results as anyone else. Bisexuals may also use this and get all the results as well. Only those who have altered their hormones and sexual organs need to pass on this one. Again, not being mean but it won’t work for you. Custom designed pieces can be made with certain information I would need from you.

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