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The Woman Who Lives in the Portrait

The Woman Who Lives in the Portrait

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This is an extremely powerful tale of magic that I discovered after picking up a painting at an old art shop.  It wasn't an expensive painting per se, but it was an eery painting.  When I first looked at it the eyes of the woman who is painted among a path of overcast trees seemed to follow me.  It wasn't until later that I actually found out that it wasn't my imagination.  They actually were following.  On top of that, the woman in the portrait, whose name is Ingrid specifically chose me to connect with her portrait because she knew that I'd have the ability to communicate with her.  

I got the portrait home and no sooner than I hung it in my bedroom I began getting this feeling of paranoia like I was being watched.  It wasn't long after that I began picking up on a foreign energy source in my apartment.  I thought maybe a spirit had followed me back from the art shop, which wasn't entirely false.  The only difference is that I willingly brought the spirit home and she was embedded in the art.  I only know this because she began whispering my name, calling to me.  When I finally put two and two together, Ingrid was all too willing to open up to me.  

Ingrid is a Victorian witch who was painted into reality by a sorcerer who has the ability to paint whatever he wanted into reality.  We don't know who that sorcerer is, but if we ever find out we will be after him for some of his magic.  So, anyway, not only did this sorcerer paint, Ingrid, into existence-- who by the way is immortal-- he also painted an entire reality into existence without ever knowing that he did.  This includes an entire coven of Pagan witches, which are not the Satanic type, so there is nothing to worry about.  They simply conjure the energies and spirits of the Earth to create their magic.  

Once I bonded with Ingrid, she was able to create a portal through which my entire physical body traveled.  The other side was a whimsical place full of any type of magic that you could think of.  Ingrid was the Supreme to a coven of witches that her own imagination gave birth to.  In fact, when she was given life, Ingrid created the reality with the magic the sorcerer had brushed into the canvas.  Everything on the other side of the portal was Ingrid's doing, down to the least powerful witch.  The village she lives in, the Alter of the Circle of Witches, even the cauldron they used was created by Ingrid, and the creation just kind of took off from there with each witch she gave life to adding something unique to the reality.  

We agreed to make this piece, Ingrid and I, so that somebody who is as into witchcraft and elemental magic as we are could have the unique ability to experience what I have experienced.  We both agreed that since most people aren't as familiar with full-body travel that this piece would be limited to astral trips, but you can visit Ingrid's village.  You will be able to learn whatever type of magic you would like to learn.  However, the best part about this piece is that it allows you to write spells.  

To write spells with this piece, you must be wearing it when you are writing it.  You will write down whatever it is you wish to be cast for you.  This request will be sent to Ingrid and her coven which will then use the magic and the energies of their realm to cast the spell into your reality on your behalf.  This will literally allow you to cast just about any type of spell.  We have limited it to not include immortality or the ability to kill.  

Ingrid will act as your personal guide to magic.  She will help you discover and create any type of magic that you want.  She will also guide you through astral existence where you be able to experience the essence of magic and how to use it not only to create magic, but how to transform your life to make it reflect the things that you desire to experience while alive.  It will also show you how to transform your body to incorporate the magic they you want so that way you don't always have to wear pieces to do your magic.  This is not like a transformation service, more like an altering of your magical receptors. 

This ring has a beautiful stone that looks like a watermelon and it is 10k gold.  Size 9.  

Also, the portrait is mine.  I have it and it is not for sale.  I knew somebody would ask.  However, if you find this piece to be out of stock, perhaps I could make you another.  Simply email your request.
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