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They Call It the Timeless

They Call It the Timeless

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We have this living rock formation that we got from an investigation of an abandoned Masonic Lodge in Baltimore.  We're not entirely sure why the place was abandoned, but we are thinking that the whole lodge somehow figured out how to transcend en masse and just never came back.  The reason we think this is that everything was kept as is.  We acquired other magical pieces as part of the investigation that we have either already listed or are not going to list at all.  However, this living rock formation was a horse of a different color.  It legitimately took us several years to figure it out.  

The formation was strange, too.  Sometimes it didn't do anything at all.  Other times we could visibly see it breathing.  The best way to describe how that looked is to say that it looked as though we were watching a person sleeping.  The same way the sleeping person's chest would rise and fall is the same way the rock formation looked.  Part of the rock formation was crystal and every once in a while it would light up random colors.  It took us a while to figure out how to use the rock formation, which is actually a separate dimension of its own.  

I know that's a lot to comprehend, but here's the important part.  The dimension is a copycat dimension of our own.  All the power.  All the knowledge.  All everything.  The catch?  Every "person" in this dimension exists as one living creature.  The creature is simply called the Timeless and that is because it is not bound by time.  It has been and will become every living thing that has existed or will exist within its dimension.  

The process by which we had to pull the Timeless out of the rock formation was very involved and we aren't really going to get into the whole process because it's not important anyway.  What I will say is it was long and tiring-- probably more y inch of that work than doing an actual transformation.  As I always say, All's well that ends well.  We were eventually able to make contact with the Timeless.  It no longer lives in the rock formation, which Deedee has kept in her possession.  Instead in lives n the piece we are offering to you.  

I'll just get right down to the nitty-gritty with this one.  When using this piece it allows you to consult the Timeless.  The Timeless knows everything because it is everything condensed into one lifeform-- all entities, all persons, all places, all things, all powers, all magic.  I would love to be able to tell you exactly what the creature looks like, but it wears many faces and appears differently to different people.  The Timeless appeared to me as a white light being because that's what resonates within me the most.  

You can ask the Timeless for anything.  That's a tall order, but honestly, the entity can do it.  There are a few things that you will not catch the Timeless doing, such as giving immortality or killing.  It just doesn't do those sorts of things.  Seriously though, everything else is very much on the table. We are very excited to hear about your experiences with the piece because we know that whoever ends up with this one will definitely have some stories to tell.  

The piece that we used for the transfer is sterling silver and a large carat blue topaz.
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