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They Came From Within

They Came From Within

SKU: 32421503

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This is an incredible piece.  It is sterling silver, gold, and black pearl.  It's about a size 8, but it could be worn by either a man or a woman.  Wearing it as a pendant on a chain is perfectly acceptable.  The origins of this piece, as I'm sure you have guessed, are in China.  This piece has been by a lady in Hong Kong.  People who know her call her Shen Yu.  She has been called Shen Yu for so long that I don't think that anybody really knows her real name.  shen Yu means "the Oracle" in Chinese.  Honestly, I'm not sure which dialect it is, as I'm not fluent in Asian languages.  

Shen Yu is ancient.  I'm not saying this as a joke to insinuate that she is old.  She doesn't even look old.  In fact, she looks like she'd be in her 30s.  The fact is that shen Yu has been around for thousands of years.  she has studied with the best of the learned masters and has created somewhat of a magical system of her own.  In the place where she lives in Honk Kong, which is being redacted for the sake of privacy, she has set up a magic studio.  The centerpiece for this magic studio is an extremely large black pearl.  Honestly, the pearl is so big that it would most likely take two or three people to carry it.  

You might be saying, "Wait, pearls come from Oysters and oysters aren't nearly that big."  Evidently, Shen Yu was given what was described to her as a living entity black pearl.  The thing kept growing and growing, eventually even going as far as creating its own microverse inside of the pearl.  Inside of the microverse, there are tiny creatures.  They are more like spiritual entities.  These entities contain the magic of an unknown kind and source.  It is magic that was generated from within the pearl, where it has come from.  

The point is that Shen Yu has the ability to communicate with these beings, which are incredibly advanced in terms of the magic that they have.  They create their own magical powers and abilities.  However, they are also able to mimic powers or abilities, which they can do with a single thought-form.  What's more, is that Shen Yu can summon these entities out of the black pearl that she has and put them into other vessels.  These vessels can be taken by others and the entity that has been placed into the vessel will do amazing things for them.  

This piece is special because it contains a small piece of Shen Yu's black pearl.  It also contains one of the entities, which she calls xiao Airen (little men).  When you wear this piece you will bond with the entity within.  You will be able to psychically and telepathically communicate with it.  It doesn't have a name, because it hasn't been given one.  You can give it one if that makes you feel better, but you do not have to.  

Your entity will offer you a host of its own energies and powers, which it will share with you during the bonding process.  These energies and powers do include some of the ones that you are familiar with such as psychic ability, mind control, astral travel, wealth, etc.  Then, some powers aren't familiar to humans, which we don't have names for.  They are there and you can use them or not use them.  It's up to you.  The big thing here is that you will be able to create your own powers and magic.  You will do this by connecting with the entity.  They can mimic the powerform that you think of in your mind, create it, and then pass it on to you.  In this way, you will be able to create pretty much whatever you want to.
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