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They Love You, They Love You Not

They Love You, They Love You Not

SKU: 4202143

We call this piece Flower Power.  It is the ultimate game of "They love me, they love me not."  They only twist?  you will never come up short as long as you are using the energies in this piece.  The energies in this piece are love magic energies that will fight for you.  While wearing this piece you will meditate upon the person who you are in love with.  The powers of this piece will go forth and will attach themselves to your target and will embed themselves within until they (obviously) come to their senses and realizes that you are the best thing that is ever going to happen to them.  

This love is an ancient Yoruba magic, which serves as a bonding agent between two people, not only in the physical realms but also in the eternity to come. 
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