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Thirteen Keys to the Crystal Realm

Thirteen Keys to the Crystal Realm


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Amid the border crisis that is going on right now, there are a group of Central Americans that are not trying to get into the United States.  They reside in Mexico, specifically the Yucatan Peninsula.  They call themselves Los Nuevos Profetas.  There really isn't much to beat around the bush about with this one, so I'll just jump right in.  

On December 21, 2012, a portal was opened.  You all know that.  We had to hear about it all the time for like 5 years before it happened.  However, the significance might not have been immediately noticeable, but it has been building up.  The group who calls themselves Lost Nuevos Profetas (LNP from here on out) are human bodies.  However, they are not human in spirit.  

In ancient Mayan Prophecy, there is talk about the return of the "Children of Light"  They are ascended beings that were prophesied to return to Earth in the End Times to save humanity.  Their sole purpose is to bring humanity out of its spiritual dark ages and back into the light.  Their goal is to help as many human beings transcend as possible into the realms of white light before the destruction of the Earth.  

They understood that the mortal world was only a temporary hold until a mass evolution of consciousness was to take place.  That's what happened after the 2012 gate was open when one-by-one the Mayan Elders who call themselves LNP began showing back up in Mexico, the ancient birthing spot for the Mayan people.  

The LNP has been attempting to win people over with a low-key approach because they don't want to be viewed as a crazy brain-washing cult.  However, they know what's coming and they want to try to help.  It's a conundrum.  Now would usually be the part of the description where I tell you, "okay, this piece provides you with cosmic enlightenment, etc."  However, we got way luckier this time.  I needed to tell you the story so that way you understand how powerful these pieces are.  

The LNP meets in a temple that has been long overgrown.  It is not the largest temple, but it is extremely powerful.  They told me the name of it, but I don't remember how to say or spell it.  Essentially, it translates to Temple of Fate.  the Temple of Fates holds ancient secrets and among those secrets is the knowledge of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls.  These are the ancient Crystal Skulls that were hidden all over Earth.  We told you before that they had all been claimed and I was lying.  We still have one left if you want to buy it.  

However, there is a crystal inside of the Cave of Fates from which the identities of the 13 crystal Skulls were born.  It is also the crystal from which the identity of these three pieces has been born.  Into these three pieces have been born the identities of all 13 Crytal Skulls.  As such, this piece contains all 13 keys that will open up the portal to the Crystal Realm.  

Inside the Crystal, realm is where magic is created-- at least this is where the magic was created for the ancient Mayans.  This was a place where shamans and high-priests often traveled to on the astral to create magic for their people.  This time around it gets a bit more serious.  When you enter the crystal realm, you will first receive a hyper-cognizance awakening.  This is the advanced cosmic evolution that I told you about before.  This will allow you to internalize the crystal realm and recreate it within yourself.  

This will allow you to manifest the power of the crystal realm through the creation of magical powers and abilities.  You will be able to see anywhere along the space-time continuum that you wish to see.  You will be able to become invisible to those spiritual entities that you want to hide your presence from.  You will be able to control the minds of others.  You will be able to generate and manifest any power or ability that you want or need.  It will also allow you to summon any Mayan deity from this world or the Underworld.  Finally, it will allow you to redirect the cosmic flow so you can also use those energies in your creation of powers and abilities, but also so you can travel in astral form throughout the universe at your own free will.

These pieces are 10k gold and alexandrite.  We have three of them in sizes 6, 7, and 8.  
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