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Time Moves

Time Moves

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Time Moves

When you finally understand the magnitude of time and the magic of it, you can do anything! There is literally nothing you can’t accomplish. From changing your life, health, living situation or lack of dying, it can be done. As long as you know the secret. The secret is really an oxymoron because it’s both knowing and yet, knowing nothing!

Einstein, NASA and Mallet all say time travel exists. It is caused by a wormhole, bending light or creating a light circle. In NJ we say Ongs Hat, now a ghost town is where some students from Princeton I believe did create a ship and have traveled. This piece is an intaglio of the man who represents sacred geometry. He really is the first body, face and human to exist. He is made from stars. Each star like Earth holds dirt and dust that settle in that time. The dirt holds time being in both IT’S presence, past and future. The Video shows the many faces of past lives, time, different bodies of the same person and the club of Rome. This ring moves time, stops death, creates what is needed and a lot more. Basically it depends on what you want. With time there isn’t anything you can’t clear up or have.

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking string theory, wormholes or speed of light, this has zero to do with it. As you see I didn’t mention Hawking the Atheist who was nothing more than a spinner of theory. Anyone with a great PR group can do what he did. He sat like he was Mr. Big stuff flapping his jaws with no back up to what he was saying! We actually have people believing they can get sucked up by a black hole! Could you? Maybe, but has it been proven? No! What has been proven by legitimate scientists is multiple dimensions!

I remember my father being in the military telling me, Dee Dee if you think they could have done something, the government did it ten or more years ago! I find this to be true today and I do believe him. My father was stiff but he played no games and he held an extremely high security clearance. One in the military and one after he got out and went to work at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. He saw the imprints of the bodies into the bulkheads, there were two of them that were clear as day. There were no skin or bones just the very clear impression of them. They suffered and they never knew they were going to be part of an experiment, only one guy knew. After three survived the campaign began to make it look like a conspiracy theory. It wasn’t. We can time travel. It came out that we were trying to make our ship invisible to radar but in reality, that wasn’t the case. It has been since August 5th when his wife/ my mother died I found out shit I didn’t even want to know! It was also at the time I met my stalker, also Lindys stalker as well. Long story I will try to make short. When someone has murdered another person and it’s not from war I see blood on their hands. It doesn’t last long but I know they killed someone. For whatever reason I didn’t see that on him but he was a murderer. Also why my FB goes private today because I would hate the long court process after I kill a bitch. I don’t panic and I don’t hesitate, my body and that of my families is important to me. I feel if you have the balls to bounce them into my house, be prepared to have them cut off. He murdered someone in a bad way, played the system but still went to prison. He is out, obviously and stealing, lying, holding people hostage, etc. I have had some serious major changes in my life which I said at some point I would post in the blog. I will get to it but some I already just told you. Another change may, MAY have to do with this ring. Remember I said I didn’t see the blood on his hands? Weird since I have always been able to do that but I guess not now. What I can do now is see directly into someone’s house, no matter how far away I am. Now that’s a pretty bold claim to make since I could be called out on it at anytime. I also have the ability to completely change time and what has already happened including death as long as I don’t see it! I don’t know if it’s due to this ring or changes coming and some of us getting more ability’s because we will end up needing them. Why I don’t know which one it is, is because it happened at the same time the ring hit my hands. Not exactly the same time but within days. So it’s very hard to determine. We had a family member we felt very strongly could be dead. There were legitimate reasons we thought this. I turned my head to a corner of the living room and the cans of food I just got for the kids faded away. I was then in the persons bedroom. I saw down to the print on the sheets and that the bed was on a box spring on the floor. I saw a door in the corner of the room and the color of the carpet. I could see a woman’s hair hanging part way on the floor. I know a great secret of death and terrible things so I stopped looking, I KNEW I couldn’t see it or it would become solid, unmovable, irresistible. Once the human eyes see it, there are no changes to death. If my eyes don’t see it, time and events can be changed as I want them to be. I was holding onto the ring and made the changes. Later that same day I got the call. She was alive but a boyfriend had tried to kill her by strangulation. She had enough energy to scream for help and the police were called. The guy who did it is now in a mental institution until court when after he will probably go to jail. Going to jail won’t help him. I could feel the sickness and he needs help, not prison. I know saying he’s not a bad guy sounds crazy but he’s not and I don’t know him at all, I just KNOW. So these are some major changes along with psychic ability that has become so heightened it’s crazy! I have also dealt with two demons. Yes, I know it’s crazy! But this has all gone on since Aug 5th! You see the mothers house was filled with occult stuff including pictures of the coven she belonged to. There were even books on how to kill people through magic! Step by step guides! I might have put one on? But she wasn’t a natural like my brother and I. We both can see and hear the dead. He refuses to so that leaves me, my daughter and son. Lindy will get feelings and she can hear but she can also take people out!

How this works is also very easy. You decide what you want and it will change. How do I finally know this? I had Lindy test this one. She tested it on something very important. I told her how I do it naturally and told her not to find out for sure but just do it. Now that doesn’t prove much except to us because we know the truth. So this had now to be tested for changes people wanted like health issues and miracles. Miracles because technically this is a religious piece. The time moves part is going back to change the issues you have. Unlike scientific time travel this is different. Nothing bad will happen. In other words a slight change won’t make your kids disappear or you to never have been born, also known by the Club of Rome as the Grandfather Theory. That doesn’t apply here. You are free to change, heal, get rid of and gain what you need! This is one of a kind.

This is sterling silver with 14k gold and Italian glass with the Sacred Man.

Enjoy because you sure will on this one!

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