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Unparalleled Magic:  The Minotaur Stone

Unparalleled Magic: The Minotaur Stone

SKU: 3242108

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    The ring that you are receiving is extremely powerful.  We say that about a lot of our items.  It's not that it isn't true, but I can tell you right now, that this piece is more powerful than most.  We have pieces more powerful than this one, but this piece is quite impressive.

    This piece is called the Minotaur Stone.  The reason that we call it that is that the stone that is on this piece is a chip of a very magical stone that is kept at the center of the Labyrinth that was created by Daedalus for Minos.  It is guarded by a beast of unprecedented strength and ferocity.  Its claws can pierce armor.  Its eyes can see into the mind of any man.  It has the body of a man and the head of a bull.  It's called the Minotaur.  

    The Minotaur was created as a punishment for Minos.  Poseidon sent a snow-white bull for Minos to sacrifice.  Instead of sacrificing it he kept it and tried to hide it from Poseidon.  Poseidon found out about it and got mad.  He causes Minos' wife Pasiphae to fall in love with the bull.  She slept with the bull and Poseidon allowed her to conceive a demon-like child with extraordinary abilities.  The child was too much for Minos and his wife to handle, plus they wanted to keep him a secret.  They banished it to the Labyrinth.  It was later slain by Theseus, but since it is an immortal entity it later came back to life and staked its claim of the labyrinth.  

    In the center of the Labyrinth, among chambers where the Minotaur kept his victims, there was a stone.  This stone was a gift that was given to the Minotaur by Poseidon.  After all, it was Poseidon that allowed the Minotaur to be born in the first place.  This gift is a source of all magic that was created on Mount Olympus by Poseidon. At the top of Mount Olympus, similar to the top of Mount Sinai, there is a portal that can only be open by the Immortals.  When opened it pulls in all the chaos magic of the universe.  It pulls in the knowledge to be able to control and shape the chaos magic into powers, magic, and abilities similar to the way God shaped the universe out of Chaos magic.  

    After Theseus slew the Minotaur and it came back to life, King Minos used his own magic to use the labyrinth in its own realm, apart from mortal reality.  This was mostly because it was abducting children and using them in magical rituals.  The labyrinth was set apart from the rest of reality.  No kids.  No humans.  Just the labyrinth and the Minotaur guarding his stone that was created for him by Poseidon.  The only reason the labyrinth and the Minotaur weren't completely destroyed is because of that stone.  Despite the fact that the Minotaur always comes back to life when slain, the victor is reward with a small piece of the Minotaur's stone.  

    A small portion of the Minotaur's Stone was given to Theseus, which he gifted to the ancient Grecian Mystery School.  The chip of stone has been traveling for centuries.  It was first owned by the Grecian Mystery School.  The reason the labyrinth was kept was for the simple fact that, if they chose, students and prophets of the mystery school could travel to Minos' Labyrinth and attempt to slay the Minotaur.  In exchange, they would receive a sliver of some of the most coveted magic to ever grace the face of Earth.  It's pure magic, unadulterated magic.  It is not white or dark.  It is simply sourced magic that can be transformed into anything anybody wants it to be.  Here's the thing-- nobody has been able to do it since Prometheus.  

    Here's the thing, when the labyrinth was placed into the spiritual realm, it was given transcendence to affect those who entered the labyrinth on a subliminal level.  No longer was the threat only a physical one.  Instead, it has become spiritual and subliminal.  It has become a hellacious place that brings forth elements of sorcery and fear.  The passages of the labyrinth are filled with the biggest fears of those who visit it.  It brings for the mental anguish and torture of the bravest visitors.  It has grown in size since its inception and the passages lead to other realms where realities mix and anything can happen.  

    Then, there is the magic.  As the magic of the sirens, the sorcery of the Minotaur is enough to drive the sanest person to insanity.  They will see things that are not there.  They will hear voices that do not exist.  Death will call out to them from beyond the threshold, leading them to incomprehensible thoughts.  They wonder the passages of the enormous labyrinth until eventually their madness shuts their brains down and they become babbling fools that eventually waste away to piles of skeletons.  

    If these sorcerers, these magical warriors, somehow manage to survive all that, then there is the ferocity of the Minotaur himself.  With horns larger than any elk or beast on Earth and the strength of 1,000 men, an encounter between mortal and Minotaur seems like an encounter between an ant and a full-grown human.  Impossibility is imminent.  Yet, somehow Theseus got it done.  To be fair, this was before the transcendence of the labyrinth and the Minotaur himself.  

    Those who are brave and skilled enough to defeat the Minotaur, are rewarded with a small fragment of the Minotaur Stone.  This stone will give them anything they've ever wanted.  First and foremost, it gives them divine transcendence.  It allows them to exist in divine form, equal to the Minotaur.  It will allow them to grow in strength and power the way the man-bull and his passages of torture have also grown.  Also with this transcendence comes an awakening of lifecycles.  This sets you free from the ambiguity of who you really are.  It sets loose all of your past lifecycles, so you can pull together all the loose strings of your identity.  It will bring forth the hidden magic of your bloodline.  This is different for each person because everyone has their own bloodline.  However, these will be deep-rooted forms of magic that are specific to you and your ancestors.  

    Next, this piece gives you the wealth of Poseidon's magic that was gathered at the peak of Mount Olympus from Poseidon.  This was pure energy and chaos magic, as I've explained earlier.  This energy and magic allow you to create whatever you want to, the same way God used it to create the Universe.  You can create power or ability simply by thinking about it in your mind.  This is how the Minotaur has created his labyrinthine hell.  He is greedy over his stone and doesn't want anybody getting any more of it.  This is because he is immortal and can respawn he dies, but if the presence of his stone is slowly chipped away, so will his own presence be chipped away.  

    What we are offering you is the original chip of the Minotaur Stone.  Again, it has seen many hands and has been part of many items throughout the years.  This time it is embedded into a ring made of 18k white gold.  The stone is green and is obviously very powerful.  Whoever possesses this piece possesses the ability to change their entire life and more.  All magic is possible.  Transcendence is possible.  Growth in power and strength are possible.  Divine existence is possible.  Everything and all things are possible.  Nevermind how we got this piece, we have connections.  The fact that we actually have it is amazing.  The power in this piece is equivalent to the ancient Atlantean blue crystals or the Mayan Crystal Skulls, or the Sorcerer's Stone.  It is now yours for the taking if you will take.

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