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Vampire Blood Bond

Vampire Blood Bond

SKU: 5112123


If you are looking for something that holds heavy, masculine, strong power then you have found it.  This piece is a Russian-made piece and is made out of amber and sterling silver.  Here's the thing, the amber that has been used to make this piece is just simply amber.  It has a mix-- a few drops-- of actual vampire's blood.  

The blood gives you a psychic connection to the vampire to whom it belongs.  This vampire's name is Dmitry.  Dmitry may or may not show up to you in spiritual form in this connection, but when I was using it he did.  He's stacked like a brick poop house.  He is very power fit and lean.  He is also very strong and is very mentally astute.  These are all attributes that he is going to pass on to those who use the piece.  

On top of that, you will gain his knowledge of all sanguine magic and sanguine ability minus the desires or cravings for blood.  This includes all the typical power and abilities that you would associate with vampirism, including astral travel, mind control, hypnotism, seduction, superhuman abilities such as speed, strength, agility, etc.   
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