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Venereal Sorcery

Venereal Sorcery

SKU: 972113


The piece you are getting is a sterling silver ring with antique Goldstone. This is a gorgeous piece that can be used by a man or a woman to make their desires-- both magical and carnal-- come true.

Have we got a piece for you! This piece is a sex spirit piece, but it isn't your typical sex spirit. It's sex with a purpose, sex for a reason. Sometimes people just want sex spirits for the simple task of relieving some sexual frustrations. We get that and we encourage it! However, this piece goes above and beyond. It holds a type of magic that is called venereal sorcery.

The original magic that we are talking about was created by Lilith, so it has been around for a very, very long time. I'm sure that you are all familiar with Lilith, so no need to introduce her. You all know that she was a sex-crazed succubus. you all know that she was on a mission to gain as much power and as many magical abilities as possible. Then, it should come as so surprise that she is also the one who created the magic that is called venereal magic.

What exactly is venereal magic, though? It is magic that is acquired and/or passed through sexual acts. It is passed through orgasm. At the precise time when you are climaxing, the intense sexual energy opens up a door to your subconscious. Magic can travel freely through those doors in that short window of time.

If you are not familiar with Gomer, the Harlot, allow me to introduce you to her. She is was a harlot that was married to the prophet Hosea. God instructed him to marry her to exemplify His love for an unfaithful church. Cute story, right? Before was married to Hosea, though, she was into some heavy stuff. Not a lot of people know it, but she was a madame at whorehouse. The name of that whorehouse had some really difficult name, but in English, it translated to "the Dark Night."

It seems that in those days fields weren't the only thing that the Israelite farmers were plowing. One girl, in particular, was named Shelomi. She was a town favorite for sure. She was also imbued with the presence of Lilith. It wasn't that Lilith was in her at that moment. However, as a young girl Shelomi was possessed by Lilith. As a result, Lilith's residual energies from Lilith live within her. Among these is the Venereal Sorcery that I told you about.


Shelomi seems to have gotten one over on everybody. We knew the basics when we started working with the piece, but it wasn't until later that we realized Shelomi wasn't the age that she proclaimed to be when working at the whore house with Gomer. Shelomi is immortal. She comes from ancient Sumer. IT was in Sumer that she first met Lilith when she was possessed by the demoness.

Shelomi became Lilith's apprentice. Lilith made her immortal. Shelomi traveled the world with her knowledge of venereal magic. She found very powerful people, seduced them, and then used her body to acquire the magic that she wanted. Why was she in Israel at that moment was because she was there to gain the magic of the bloodline of Christ. She did this by enticing and seducing King Solomon, before the reign of Jeroboam. She figured she could stick around for a bit.

The truth is that Shelomi has been around the world and has slept with hundreds of powerful people. King Solomon's magic, knowledge, and wealth are just the tip of the iceberg. She slept with many other powerful people, too. For instance, Alexander the Great. She slept with Vladimir Tepes. She slept with Aleister Crowley. She even had raucous affairs with Elizabeth Bathory and Marie Antoinette. She was there with the Medicis. She seduced the Ba'al Shem. Melchizedek, Zoroaster, Ptolemy, members of the Han Dynasty, many Pharaohs, high priests, Levites, Sages, sorcerers, magicians, and alchemists.

it didn't matter who you were or what you had to offer. If you offered some sort of magic, Shelomi wanted it. She used her powers of seduction on many people. She has acquired a catalog of magic over the years. She has taken many forms and has had many names over the years. Shelomi is just one of her names and that is how we found her, so that is what we call her.

Throughout the years, Shelomi has made numerous pieces. This is the first of hers that we are offering. This is an all-inclusive piece and she is attached to it in spirit form. Thus you are going to get the full brunt of her magic. You will not only get to receive her in her spirit form, but she is going to come to you and please you in whatever ways you desire. You will meditate with this piece and she will meet you on the astral realm, giving you what you want.

The orgasms she provides are nothing like real-life orgasms. They are astral, spiritual orgasms. They will shake you to your core. They will open up your whole identity. You will be able to see and recognize all of your past lives. You will be able to put them together and exist as an entire entity rather than bits and pieces of the whole.

You will also receive all the magic of Shelomi's travels. Every bit of magic that she has ever received will also become yours. That means you will be receiving the magic of those we have told you about, but it is more as those are just a few examples of the powerful people she has seduced into giving her their magic.

I guess you will also gain the ability to perform venereal sorcery yourself. You will be able to seduce anyone that you want to acquire their powers. Conversely, you will also be able to give powers and abilities this way, too. It's a two-way street. Either way, however you use it, this piece is guaranteed to please and it's guaranteed to be powerful!

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