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Vintage Hungarian Wishing Box

Vintage Hungarian Wishing Box

SKU: 5112118


This piece was created by a Hungarian witch of the Old Hungarian Order of the Oaks.  These witches used to live in the Hungarian plains forest, but that forest has all but been destroyed for agricultural purposes, so they pretty much are scattered across the entire country.  

Either way, this piece contains ancient witching magic that allows the person who own is to grant themselves wishes.  This is a very small box with a real stone on top of it.  It is large enough to hold a seed, but the seed is the part of a plant that holds life, so therefore that is what this box uses to grant wishes-- the life energy in a seed of your choosing.  

You will place the seed inside of your palm and you will state your wish aloud.  Then you will place the seed in the box and allow it to remain there for three days without interruption.  You will take the seed out of the box and plant it in the ground.  Don't worry if you don't have a green thumb.  This part is symbolic, but it must be done.  Nothing actually has to grow.  It is at this point that the universe will begin the process of pulling things together to grant your wish to you. 
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