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Voodoo Scribe Ring

Voodoo Scribe Ring

SKU: 32421506

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This ring is sterling silver and lapis lazuli.

This is another very simple piece to use.  It's also a very simple piece to explain.  This piece comes from one of the vampire brothels in New Orleans.  This piece is not vampire magic, but one of the "ladies of the night" that works at the brothel collects these sorts of things.  She's not so much into Voodoo magic as she prefers sanguine magic over Voodoo, because, well, she's a vampire.   We met her the most previous time we went to New Orleans.  She was hanging out at St Louis Number 2 in the dead of the night on a full moon.  I remember thinking that she must've had some balls or a death wish.  Either the lurking dark spirits or the hoodlums should have easily eaten her alive.  However, she was the one that people should have learned to stay away from.  She's not a trouble maker, but she doesn't take people's crap, either.  

I'm off on a tangent again.  My point is, she knows a few underground people.  She secured this ring for us.  Supposedly, the lapis stone of this ring once belonged to Marie Laveau.  We can't prove nor disprove that.  Some magical pieces hold magical signatures, which is an energy that is left behind when a person uses it that allows future users of the piece to be able to decode who has used the piece.  It's a pain in the butt, but we do it all the time when testing items.  We have had pieces with Laveau's signature before, but she has a knack for wiping her pieces when she's done using them.  Even in her current spirit form.  

Anyway, whoever this piece came from almost had to have made a deal with Papa Legba himself.  This little sucker is powerful.  Of course, that was just a figure of speech and Legba isn't stalking around for your soul.  I'm just saying, this piece is powerful.  When you wear this piece you are able to write down anything you want, anything at all, and it will be transliterated into a Voodoo spell and cast on your behalf.  Like I said, simple but powerful.  We have an inkling that this piece really did belong to Laveau simply due to the ease of use of this piece and how seamlessly it worked during testing and how powerful it is.  If you are into Voodoo then this is the one for you.
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