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Wealth of an Heiress

Wealth of an Heiress

SKU: 672151


If you have an itch for wealth, then this is the piece for you.  there isn't much to know about this piece other than the fact that it brings you extravagant, royal-level wealth.  It is a piece that once belonged to the collections of somebody who has only ever been known as the Heiress.  

The Heiress is immortal and as her name implies she is an Heiress of fortune.  She is also an Heiress of magic.  Nobody really knows where it comes from or how she has it, but nobody really ever dares to question her.  She only deals with top-level management from the venues she frequents and although they've grown older and she has remained younger, she is just never questioned.  She has grown quite a reputation for making businesses that don't suit her needs or whose employees have gone under.  Then there are people who have simply gone missing.  YOu don't want to cross her.  

Anyway, his piece has come from her collection of items.  It grants wealth that is fit for royalty.  Trust me, the heiress would have it no other way.  

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