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White Light Devil

White Light Devil

SKU: 32421204

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They have a chant and it goes like this-- "By the power of the flame we call our dark lord into our midst."  The same it over and over again.  He hears them, but he makes them work extra hard for them to gain his presence.  This is the kind of "lord" he has become.  In fact, he's not much of a lord at all.  He is a fraction of his former self and not a very large one at that.  Still, there are groups like the one we got this piece from who are enthralled with his darkness, and in all fairness, he needs the souls, so he comes to the surface when the call.  They offer a new initiate's soul in exchange for something they want.  He grants it to them.  They have no idea what's in store for them.  They think that because they serve him and that they are loyal to him that he will be merciful to them.  That's not how Hell works.  There is a reason that it is Hell.  The sign should read, "All ye abandon hope who enter here," because once they enter there is no way out.  Once he has your soul, it would take a God-level miracle to get it back.  

I guess it's a good thing we won't be offering any souls today, huh?  The group that we are talking about has dubbed themselves the Dark Knights, which I think they stole from a batman movie, but who am I judge?  They are fairly new at doing what they do, but evidently, there are those among them that are very good at doing it.  That's how they created this piece.  This piece was worn during one of the soul rituals that was performed that called Satan to the surface.  It holds the energies of the soul ritual and before we got our hands on it, allowed the person who was using to call Satan into their presence where they could agree to trade their soul for a single request.  That doesn't seem very appealing and we don't sell that kind of crap anyway.  

We had to work long and hard to change the direction of this piece, but we have finally got it.  You see, there is a small part of Lucifer that still lives in Satan. You might think that they are different names for the same entity.  One hand they are.  On the other, they couldn't before different.  Lucifer was the Morning Sun.  he was Illuminated.  He was knowledgeable.  Before he was consumed with jealousy he was gracious and generous to the angels and the Heaven hosts.  It wasn't until after he was consumed with the darkness and lost his bid for the Heavenly throne that he was consumed with darkness.  It's really sad, actually. What I'm getting at is there is still a small grain of the old Lucifer that lives inside of Satan.  This is the Lucifer that served God.  

This piece brings you the presence of Lucifer before his fall.  It brings you the presence of Lucifer before he was consumed with jealousy, dating back to a time when he was the most powerful angel in Heaven.  We have tweaked this piece to ultra-white light and it wasn't easy, but we got it done.  This version of Lucifer has the ability to grant miracles for you.  He has the ability to allow you to travel to Heaven.  He can impart white light magic upon you.  He can grant you just about anything you ask him for.  There is nothing you have to do in return.  He does this out of the kindness of his position of authority and power.  Ironically, this piece also grants protection from evil and darkness.  There is no way that the darkness that was once this piece can come back.  We've triple and quadruple checked.  We made sure of it.  It is now 100% white light and 100% safe for use.
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