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Who is Jahbulon? PIC COMING

Who is Jahbulon? PIC COMING

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Who is Jahbulon?

That is the name the Masons call their God. You don’t learn it until you reach the 33rd degree. Let no one fool you, it is real and as dark as most of their secrets. The name Jahbulon has a breakdown in its meaning. Here it is.

Jah means Yahweh.

bul means Baal

On means Osiris

Pretty scary huh? Let me tell you more. There is also a false trinity. We have the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Here is what it is if you are a 33 degree Mason.

Brama who to them is the creator.

Vishnu the preserver

Shiva the destroyer

Moving on to what the 33rd means. One third of the angels fell and they do work here on Earth to destroy. The other 3 represents another third that works directly with the Masons. All that they can do is given to the Masons of the 33rd degree. This includes all that is in the name and their Trinity. This piece is extremely powerful and supernatural. This piece pulls from all the worlds of the Masons.

What does this piece do for you? This will do all that it does for the Freemason that has it. This will also do the exact reversal and do it all in white light. You need to tell me how you want it. You can say dual, white light or dark. All that means is we are going to neutralize some of it if you want us to. What else does this do? You will have access to great mathematical magic, the kind that changes lives and destinies. You will have access to the angelic planets and realms. You will also be able to call upon Shavia who is one of the biggest secrets kept in the brotherhood. This secret allows you to change material items and call upon spirits in a physical way. This also allows for the fool protection and influence over others and yourself. This is an ultimate piece that they call a ruling piece. There is not another piece like this that combines the supernatural with the ancient magic. Yes wealth is included but there is so much more to this piece that’s does so much.

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