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Wow, Just Wow!

Wow, Just Wow!

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This one became a collaboration of Anthony, Shine, Tomer and Raviniska. Not because they all wanted to go in together on creating something but because Shine, Tomer and Raviniska wanted to balance this one out. Originally it was bought by Anthony in London by a famous designer called Stephen Webster. This is sterling silver and the eyes are real diamonds. These are high quality diamonds too. You can’t see it in the pictures but they SPARKLE! In fact they sparkle more than my mined diamonds! Now get ready because this is a size 12! Can Anthony wear a size 12? No! So I’m not going to tell you where he wanted to wear it… this is a Japanese warrior, not a demon despite what it looks like. Anthony liked to do battle in many ways and on many subjects. I will be seeing him again this weekend and hopefully he can sit and do a video! There are other rings like this but I’m not sure if they have real diamonds in them. This designer has tons of items that go from 3,000 to 90,000 plus for a simple crab pin! But what does this do? Well for Anthony he had out in it the manipulation of the female mind and the stamina of a huge stallion! I guess because there wasn’t anything better to do with it! The eyes create a true hypnotic ability to those it’s aimed at. All this because he was going to give it to a friend AFTER he used it in his um, sexy time way! Tomer was like you have got to be kidding but we all knew he wasn’t! Shine did his thing with it first which was to reduce the madness of the world and those you come in contact with. He redid it but did leave the sex part. What he basically did and they all did, was add more to it. No man should have any sexual issues if you have this ring! If you do have issues now there is no shame because all men get them! It can be stress, low or high blood pressure or any number of things that are normal! Note# we DO NOT recommend you wearing this as penis jewelry!!! You won’t need to anyway. Anthony is just way, way, way out there in his own outer space station! Each person picked something to add to it and then Anthony would yea or nay it. This from Shine holds balance of peacefulness with the right amount of sexual aggression. As some of you may know he started seeing someone I refer to as the Monster. That’s because she is a monster! I will leave it at that. Shine also put into it the ability to call up in the physical anyone passed, he did this after who he called his mother. This was a woman who lived many lives and was recently reincarnated. Two years ago I believe? I haven’t seen the child yet. When I say physical I mean flesh and blood! You feel them and can touch them but they can’t stay! Don’t buy this to bring someone back because it doesn’t work like that. You can guide them into being reborn though as Shine did. They can and will do that. Moving on to Tomer. Tomer added human understanding, healing, peace and the opening of all senses to heavenly magic. Heavenly magic moves past all the universe’s and solar systems we know of. This moves into the stars where angels of all kinds take up residence. These are the various kinds you have never heard of. It’s also where the golden bowl of prayers sits. You can do the emptying of your prayers with this piece which is beyond phenomenal! Raviniska placed into the diamonds dimensional eyes of the Sphinx, the gates, the library and the eyes of who ALLOWED her birth through the Sphinx. That is another one you definitely want! The owner of the ring will be given the information on who allowed and caused her birth and why. This is one extremely extraordinary ring, real sterling, diamonds and magic I have never offered before!

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