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Your Own Slice of Magical Excellence

Your Own Slice of Magical Excellence

SKU: 1012104


This piece has an accompanying video, so you can get a better look at it. Use the link below:

This piece is a metaphysically charged, sliced agate wth gold trim. It is a necklace and it was empowered by a Freemason lodge in Northern Michigan. the stone holds metaphysical powers on its own, but this lodge imparted even more magic upon the piece, giving it a very special ability.

This migh tnot sound like the most powerful ability that we've ever offered, but this piece works seamlessly and effectively. It provides smooth transitions and will keep you safe at all costs. It is a scrying piece that operates in a very particular way. it opens up doorways to parallel universes and different realms of existence within our own universe. It can also transcend time and allow ou to travel back and forth throughout time, as you please.

What sets this piece apart from a regular scrying piece is that it works with a mirror. Mirrors hold tremendous energies themselves and also act as doorways, so essentially, you can think of your piece as a key that opens the door. All you have to do is sit in front of the mirrorand mentally envisions where you want to go. I'm not going to lie, staring at yourself in the mirror when you first start, might feel a little bit awkward. I assure you, all the best scryers have felt this way, but they've all had to do it.

While you are wearing this piece and scrying in front of the mirror, you will mentally project where it is you desire to travel. This will take a bit of time and patience the first couple of times you do it, but it will be well worth it. You can mentally open the door and travel astrally through it if you want. Or, you can simply use the powers in this piece to see the reflections of the place you are thinking of. If you choose to use a reflection, this will also reflect the powers and magic of the place that you choose to see and they will be record within your agate for later access.

You can also use this piece to see the future if you want to. You simply project what you want to see and the mirror will reflect what you have requested to see. Or, you can sit alone with this piece and meditate with it and it will show you the future in your mind.

When testing this piece, I was able to open my a doorway that led me to the Ark of the Covenant. Since I was in spirit form the wards against humans that keep humans from seeing its contents didn't bother me at all. I was able to pull energies from several of the artifacts that were there including a golden snake with ruby red eyes (that will go on eventually) and one of the figs that was cursed by Jesus. I know that seems arbitrary, but it actually has amazing magic. It will also be put on the website.

Another time I used this piece I was able to open a doorway to ancient Peru. In this setting I was taken to a ritual gravesite where there skeletons sitting in homemade caskets that looked like boxes. They performed a ritual called the Calling of the Elders and the skeletons got up and tarted moving around. These people then receive guidance and wisdom from the elders. There will be more on that coming, as well. Just know that this is piece that has facilitated it all. It's very powerful.

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