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Zao: Guardian of the Dead

Zao: Guardian of the Dead

SKU: 2252102

If you are into the paranormal, especially if you are into paranormal investigations, you need to have this piece.  This piece holds an Asian shishi named Zao.  

Shishi is an imperial guardian lion that is pictured in architecture across Asia.  They most notably are present in cemeteries and graveyards and that is because they are guardians of the dead and the protectors of souls.  

The piece that we are offering is one that all investigators must carry.  Think of him as the Scooby-Doo to your Shaggy.  He is able to sniff out spirits and will guide them to you.  You can carry this piece with you and he will give you the psychic ability to be able to pinpoint where the spirits are.  

Zao also has the ability to reach into the spirit realms and pull through the spirits that you are looking for.  You don't even have to be on an investigation.  He will literally pull through any spirit or soul that you want-- in spirit form-- so that way you can communicate with them.  Whether you simply want to talk to the
 dead or you are trying to figure out ancient secrets or you want to acquire a spirit or soul's magic, Zao will seek them out and bring them to you.  Think of him like the Dog the Bounty Hunter except for spirit forms and souls.  

That's not all, either.  Shishi is notorious for its protection ability and as long as you welcome Zao into your home he will protect it and everyone in it from every form of evil or darkness possible.  He will also bring the home he is welcomed into and its inhabitant's prosperity in many forms.
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