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The Shining Ones were a group of secret angels that walked the earth to battle evil. They were not known to many and only appeared in times of great peril to defend the human race against evil forces.

Their powers were vast and incredible, and they were not bound by the physical world’s limitations. They could appear and disappear at will, and their mere presence could dispel dark magic and negative energies. Their main focus was not to do battle in the traditional sense, but to bring about hope, love and light in a world troubled by darkness.

Despite their immortality, the Shining Ones were not invincible. There were times when their very existence was challenged by the evil beings they sought to combat. These battles were fierce and enduring, and often came at a great cost.

The Shining Ones would go to great lengths to protect humanity, from the darkest depths of the oceans to the highest mountain peaks. Their battles left a trail of light in their wake, and those who witnessed their battles were inspired by their passion and dedication to uphold the values of love and light.

Contrary to what some believed, the Shining Ones did not just focus on the grand battle but also on the daily struggles of every human being. They would visit hospitals and nursing homes, bringing compassion, and a brightness that would uplift the spirits of a patient fighting their last battles. They even found time to sit and spend time with an elderly person who was struggling to come to terms with a life unfulfilled.

Those who were lucky enough to meet one of the Shining Ones, even for a brief moment, usually described an intense feeling of serenity, hope and love. But, for the most part, the Shining Ones remained in the shadows, invisible to most.

There were rare moments when the Shining Ones would reveal themselves to those who were pure of heart and needed their guidance, but for the most part, they remained hidden in plain sight, observing the world and waiting for the next opportunity to bring peace, joy, hope and light.

And as long as evil exists in the world, the Shining Ones will continue to walk the earth, silently and without fanfare, doing their part to bring about the ultimate triumph of light over darkness. Let me know if you want one. They will soon be on.

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