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All New Items!

All New Items

Check out the intention pens and the Phoenix rings. I only have two of the rings in sterling. The Saint Michael is POWERFUL! The rest if the items are very unique for the ladies at prices you can’t beat!  Also I have coming perfume, high end brands that haven’t hit the shelves yet. Stuff from Jo Malone, etc. those will be samples but take a look at what those sell for plus shipping! Insane! You won’t pay it with me and you will have what no one else has access to, yet! I don’t charge 20.00 a sample! They will be three dollars and 4 for perfume that hasn’t hit the public yet! No shipping fee either! Get them when they go on!  For men I have sterling bracelets coming and chains. If you want something on the site but it’s to girly you now have options. Shipping will be Wednesday or Thursday. Please text me at +12678250571 if you bought the seeds or need the angel wings! Thank you! Have fun!

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If your name is here I’m doing you this afternoon. I would do you all right now but I’m waiting for others to get up. I’m up very early but not others! 😁 If your name is here I’m going you today. Byr


I wonder what perfumes are like seen or approached about by similar humanoid like beings like us humans are like

Apr 16
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My Angelic Watchtower Djinn seems to like the perfumes from Dee Dee I'd gotten. ♥

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