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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

I had to do a ton of research on this one. Some of you may have seen it in a few advertisements I placed. That was about a year ago. I thought at the time that I had the piece, down! I didn’t.  It was just a little confusing because I swore there was a Djin inside, and there is. That’s what threw me off. This piece was obtained from the underground auction. We knew it was a Rosicrucian order piece. This is in unmarked 14k gold, real diamonds and a real Star Sapphire.  The value of the Sapphire, just the Sapphire is between 1,900 which is the low end and about 5,000 or more.  That doesn’t figure in for the gold or diamonds in the price.  This also doesn’t take into consideration WHAT it is.

This comes from the Rosicrucian Order/ AMORC. This order has been around since 1,500 BC and was created in Egypt. This isn’t a religious organization but one that became a mystery school. The schools were in that time held inside the pyramids. The pyramids were THE schools where only the few went to learn all the hidden magical abilities most people seek today.  Unfortunately many can’t obtain them. Is it the greed of today or the fact that most have to get what they want instantly? My guess is people want thing’s instantly. There is no longer patience, which seriously IS a virtue!

The supernatural magic was passed to many well known people. These people you can look up simply by typing in famous members of the Rosicrucian Order.

Around 1970, and I think before that  AMORC went underground. While there was still advertising for the order based out of California at that time, it was a secret group. In the open but yet secret. And not to hop around to much but it was in 1979 a man going by the name R. C Christian paid to have the Georgia Guidelines erected. Could it be that he was Christian Rosenkreuz? Far fetched? You think? Well let’s put a few more things in the pile.

Christian Rosenkreuz traveled all over in the 15th century learning esoteric wisdom and magic. He even went to Israel and built the House of the Holy Spirit.  Both R.C Christian and Christian Rosenkreuz have ties to AMORC. Could it be a coincidence? I think not! Looking into the history of Rosenkreuz his death was in secret with no proof by ANYONE that he died. Why so hush hush? Why do you hide your death? I leave that up to the reader to figure out. I’m going to tell you what I think. You know I will! I don’t think he died. I think he mastered all there was to master. I think it was he would build the Georgia Guide-stones. They were to guide. So many people called them evil even Satanic but were they? According to all the research I have done the AMORC was all about LIGHT!  The Guidestones allowed you to look up and use an astronomical calendar. Also let’s not forget that R.C Christian had a never ending supply of money.  Also did R.C Christian use a fake name so he could disappear when the time was right? Again, no proof of death? Think about how old he was in 1979, he was a grown man. Let’s  say he was around 30 years old in 1979 that would make him 74 right now.

Now, looking at the ring what do you see? You see the gold and you see a ring, and you see the half moon AND you see the Star sapphire. You also see the diamonds and I hope the Djin which was brought back from Turkey, also a place that Christian ROSENKREUZ visited and stayed for quite a while. The ring is used, was used in way back times as a symbol of eternity.  But why did he/ they pick the Star Sapphire? Could it be that he/they were always moving, never died? Yes I think they are one and the same person!

Now just a little more to think about.   This ring came from the underground auction. Go back and look at the dates I posted this. It was not long before the Guidestones were demolished. Also take into consideration all this ring holds. This is an original, this is a living piece! This IS the MASTER OF ALL PIECES!!  This holds all there is, all those secrets, all the hidden magic long forgotten. The secret to immortality, the pyramids, the magic inside of them. Remember too that the organization was created BC, Before Christ. You’re looking at a time when Atlantis existed, a time before almost all working magic was hidden or I should say, hard to understand. You are looking at a gateway, a way to finally open yourself up to its fullest potential. Are you a seeker? Are you just lost? Are you living a past life over and over again and yet not getting anywhere?  I think that with the TYPE of immortality that they/ he used could he have just proofed? Or is he still here knowing what is to certainly come?  I believe this ring is a size 8 and can be resized. I don’t think I would do that but I don’t know if you can’t as far as the magical, supernatural ability of the ring. I say this because it is so rare. When I say supernatural about this piece I do say anything! I did learn the Djin’s name and it is Michael. Weird name for a Djin I know. It too is part of the mystery of this ring.

How to use it. Wear it!!! I have no other information I’m going to share about this ring.  I do however invite the very lovely Adrienne to analyze this piece and please give her thoughts. Adrienne I will be emailing so you know it’s you I’m talking about. I will also put this on the blog as it’s being typed up on note pad and may not fit all the way on the listing.  Please feel free to post on the blog as my emails get lost in the hundreds I get every day.

Please see below references I quickly looked up. In Vogue Jewelry has a great guide on how to spot fakes on the Star Sapphire. You can read the blog at

Values of todays Star Sapphire can be researched as well. They appear to only go up in value and should continue to as forecasted. Gold too will climb due to cash value. I can’t and won’t give stock or medical advice.

Do your own research on this piece. You will find maybe a lot more than I did. Just follow the path I have pointed you to.

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Jan 09, 2023

Hi Dee Dee, It is an interesting ring! I can see the djinn shing back at the camera. It does look to be real gold, diamonds & star sapphire. There's a legend about star sapphires in India, which say it carries a protective spirit for the stone itself. It looks to about 3 carats in weight. I'd suggest asking the djinn if R.C. Christian & Christian Rosenkreutz were the same person. I'm feeling that it has been to the Turkish bazaar for some time. It's also been to several Rosicrucian rituals over the years which allowed it to absorb magickal energies. Yes, I agree Christian Rosenkreutz achieved immortality but, he needed rejuvenation physically. Eternity is a long time in…

Dee Dee
Dee Dee
Jan 28, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! I never thought of coffee but I know lately it has seriously helped me open up more psychic channels!

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