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Are We The Experiment?

We are always fascinated by the aliens. A chill runs through our bodies when we speculate if aliens are real, where do they live or why don’t they make contact with us. However, I think we’re looking at it from the wrong perspective.


A few years back, NASA announced that it was looking for a bunch of people to send on Mars and let them live there. A project that was mysteriously abandoned a couple of years after its announcement.


How can we be so sure that they didn’t really send anyone up there? And how can we be so sure that we are not the aliens? Why do we wait for them instead of considering ourselves the aliens?


Would this hypothesis really stand? The answer is yes, it really would. There is scientific research out there that claims that 160 people are just enough to make sure that the human kind can reproduce and carry on. I don’t think creating a spaceship that would fit 160 people inside it would be a problem for the world’s most esteemed space agency.


From what we see, we are the ones who want to explore the depths of the universe. Although the probability of aliens existing is quite high, there is no way science can measure those aliens’ level of development. They might just be a bunch of purple chimps eating peanuts on trees.


We, on the other hand, have everything we need to explore our neighbor planets and galaxies. Life can be so twisted sometimes. If humanity sends a bunch of people from earth to another planet and lets them alone with only the necessary equipment for survival, those people would soon start wondering if there is a god and if they’re alone in the universe.


The question is not if we are part of an alien experiment and we were put into earth to complete that project. The real question is if we would be that cold-hearted to create such an experiment or if our leaders have already done so.

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