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Denzel, prizes, shipping, coupon & new items!

New shows with Tomer will go on tonight. A bunch of reels went on the Facebook page and new items were added. So far Denzel has won a prize and multiple people can win. These will always be sent out on my shipping day. To win, comment and like or share or all three. That’s up to you. This can be on the shows or reels I post or any video.  More items will go on today after shipping which might have to wait until tomorrow only because Lindy has to run somewhere today. So shipping is either today or tomorrow.  The coupon will be on later today and the code is Light24 you type that in just as you see it. This will give you 15 percent off. Below are the new items added and there are also items in the eBay store as well. Have a great rest of your day!

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