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Death in the family.

I’m going to be very late in shipping things out. I’m going to Try to get some items out Thursday but with everything going on it might be hard. My mother has died. This was not expected and it was sudden. I will tell you all about it as many of you should pay attention. I wouldn’t want it to happen to anyone. Since I’m sitting here I might as well tell you. She fell and had some ants biting her as NJ right now is dealing with tiny ants, lantern flies and drought. I believe it was the ants that gave her sepsis. The sepsis killed her because the hospital acted like nothing was wrong with her and didn’t test her. At around 4 pm the caseworker from the hospital called me to say she was going home and had nothing wrong with her. I knew different and did tell them. I could hear her lungs which sounded like pneumonia. They told me she was faking illness! Yes she has good insurance, this is just the state of healthcare in the US now. That was around 4 pm when they told me they were sending her home. By midnight I was getting a call from a doctor in ICU that they needed my permission to put her on life support! I immediately thought it was a scam call because that is going around right now. You get a call saying someone in your family is in ICU. I said is this some kind of joke? I mean just a few hours ago I was told she was going to be on her way home that day! Bottom line is they never tested her for sepsis. Right now I’m trying to get the funeral down and cleaning out the house. Those that know me , know I will get your items out. This will just take me a little time.

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