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Do you need prepper supplies?

If you live here the United States and need to prepare yourself this might be for you. As many of you know supplies are going way up in price. Groceries, medication and just about everything has gone up. If you are interested in stocking up on things like medications, dry and canned goods and survival supplies let me know. I have access to these things at a very low price. Canned goods from 25 cents to 75 cents. Long term food supply and medications like cold medicine, cough syrup, cleaning supplies, cat and dog food. The list is very long. The prices are at least half price of the grocery store. Every week there are different brands and unusual things like tents and, fire starters, Valium from Russia, yes, I’m not kidding! Spices, cakes and sauces. Laundry soap and all kinds of things. I can pack boxes and send them. Your biggest price would be shipping but you would still save a ton of money and be able to prepare at a cheap price. Shipping would be done slow boat to save you money. If interested, let me know. Also let me know things you wouldn’t want. If you don’t eat meat you would want to tell me.

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