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Educational Classes

Educational Classes

Educational subscriptions/ classes are designed for small groups, for me, not you guys. Each class purchased will come with the materials you need to learn. These will be pieces that you can use to learn the lesson or craft being taught. After so many wanting my attention I started telling people 250 and hour. It wasn’t greed but rather I have a lot of customers in 58 countries. All must be given attention regardless of how much they spend. It is never about what someone spends but how they treat others. To be honest it’s also about the very few who will email me 15 times in a day telling me to ship their item when they just bought a few hours ago. These are time wasters, people who will never get anywhere. They don’t want to learn. Not wanting to learn is okay too as you can buy what you need. If you do want to learn, this is for you.  I’m aware there will be the emails telling me to do it free. To that I say I do free readings, psychic readings when I have time. Those readings are real and not fake. As most of you that have had them know, I don’t ask questions. I don’t ask if I’m getting warm or cold. I need no information from you other than your voice a day and month of birth.  I ask you to talk about the weather or anything that doesn’t give information away. I also can talk to YOUR dead relatives with no information which includes, I don’t need their names. I only need a photo. There are those who are real and those who are fake. You will be learning from someone real.

Each class will come with a black glass charging jar. These are unlike anything you have bought or can buy. For example your charging jar will work not only to charge but to change in order to suit your needs as an individual.

The classes you can pick from will be

Opening your third eye

Cleansing and fine tuning your chakras

Healing yourself and others

Spiritual magic for gaining what you want.This class will hold a lot of religious material and will include subjects like Christ Consciousness, demons and angels, Djinn, Nephilim, Gods and Goddesses. It will cover magic from most religions including Voodoo. You can learn what you want. To me all the classes are important as done go hand in hand.

You may place these classes on layaway if needed with 20 percent down. All needs to be paid by September before the start.  Each class is 400.00 and well worth it.

To me the best class would be the spiritual magic but that is up to you. All are good.

Later on when these are finished more classes will be added.

Materials included will be one on one emails. Videos, items and your charging jar.  Other materials depending on what you are learning may be included. There is only one cost and it’s what is shown here.

Classes will start the evening of September 3rd in the evening. Items and materials will be send before then. You will have a private link to videos and you can watch them as you have time. I will set up a private chat link for each of you most likely through either the website or messenger on FB of which you will get my personal FB account.

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