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Entity Attachments

Entity Attachments


What is an Entity Attachment?


Most people are unaware of the effects the choices that they make every day have on their lives energetically. Many of the choices and experiences that society pushes on us keep us in lower states of being, without many of us realizing it. There are many reasons why this is true, and one of the main reasons is entity attachments. If you are someone that doesn't believe in entities, this may be because of your idea of what an entity is. An entity is conscious energy. Much like humans truly just being a soul, an entity is a just conscious energy. When we come into contact with an entity, this can happen through sound, touch, and inner knowing, or we can experience them in a manifested form.


An entity attachment is when you consent to have an entity connected to your energy field. This connection allows them to feed off your energy and drain your total levels, which leaves you feeling depleted, powerless, and stagnant. Viewing entities as bad or evil isn't necessarily beneficial because they are just acting in the way they are made to act. Animals in the wild feed off each other, which is viewed as nature. Well, entity attachments are the nature of the universe.


How Do You Get An Entity Attachment?


Many people often have energy attachments because of the choices and actions they make in their lives. They may be unaware of these attachments, but with enough awareness, you can recognize them when they appear. For instance, someone who engages in activities at a high energy cost, such as excessive drinking, risky sexual experiences, and drugs, will likely attract an entity and become attached to one. The reason for this is that we are energetic beings.


To experience anything, part of our energy must be invested into the experience for it to be ours. So, if you engage in a very powerful activity that taps into all of your senses, you are giving away a lot of your energy in the process. Entities are attracted to this huge release of energy, and then they attach to your energy field. Once the entity knows how you expend your energy, they can place thoughts and motives into your mind to keep you repeating these same patterns and actions, allowing them to continuously feed off the energy you release.


How to Remove an Entity Attachment


Cleansing your energy field can remove entity attachments, but unless the choices and actions that attracted it in the first change, the attachment or a similar one will return. When you participate in an activity that attracts entities, you consent to become attached.


Sage, palo santo, and salt baths are great ways to cleanse your energy. Setting the intention to no longer participate in the choices that created the entity attachment can also be enough to release it, because it will no longer have anything to consume.


Anytime you release large amounts of energy, you're inviting an entity attachment. Learning to keep your energy pure and being aware of the habits that do not serve you is the best way to stay free of any entity attachments. When you can remove an entity attachment, you'll be able to let go of what you have previously felt a prisoner to.

That was the free way.

If all else fails you can request a piece that will remove a parasite energy or malevolent attachment.



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