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Important shipping notice!


If you have ordered from Hauntedcuriosities or hauntedcollector let me know if you receive a shipping notification at anytime from now. Please let me know which website you receive it from. Mail has been shipped, some mail ships tomorrow and a few on Saturday. If you placed an offline order or sent me something to have done for you, those item’s definitely ship tomorrow.

For not only new clients. When you order you will not receive any emails directly from me, Lindy or Victor but we do have your order. We would love to email you but it’s not just websites and eBay we handle but also offline and custom orders. This is why we have a 10 day shipping policy. Normally it doesn’t take long at all. Sometimes we ship in a day, a week or within the 10 days. On the rare occasion it takes longer. This unfortunately is one of those times. This is the same with our emails, please hold tight as we are working on all of them. We want to keep our emails as they are and not become like a store, mall, 7-11, Walmart, Target or many other multiple websites, THINK AMAZON! Have you made a friend while shopping Amazon? Walmart cashier? Wayfair? Balanciaga? Killian? Nike? Misfits? Anything at all? The answer is no. We however welcome it to a point. However we stop when it comes to interference with other customers who need our help and can’t get it. I know of a few right now waiting on an email from one of us. We have to go back to doing it in order of how the emails come in. I can’t tell you who you will get to answer your email. You may want me but you could get Victor or Lindy and even on the rare occasion Raveniska. When inquiring about an item you bought or are thinking of buying, PLEASE include the link. The link is how we pull the file. If you bought the item awhile ago there may be no file.  Can we do more on our end? Yes we can and we will! We will try to remember to place in the description exactly how to use your piece.

The personality of who you may get. Myself, most of you are well aware of that! Victor, he’s, let’s say sickening sweet! Lindy, omg, this woman will talk your ear off but is extremely helpful. Raviniska, doesn’t play well with others. This is also why it will be rare you get her, but you could! If you don’t want her and you get her. Then just go on the chat and ask for me. My email is used by all except maybe Victor and Lindy, just so you know. They ALL have been instructed to immediately tell you who you are taking to no matter what email, chat or post they are using. It may take them a minute to get used to it.

eBay, no words for that one! There are items on auction but I may have to pull them off and cancel bids.  Some of you may already know why. If I do we will be back when feedback is private. eBay has caught the person doing what ut is they do. Also they had the BB to actually email me. Some of you may know this person. Either way I say, LET IT RAIN CH!!! Let it rain.  Also just another little pokie, I don’t care what you identify as, it’s not my business. You be whoever you are.

I love you all and enjoy the websites.

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